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  1. I'm using KSJC in P3D v4.5 with Global vector and open LC North America but without Northern California. There are two bridges with missing textures, and I also have some strangely placed electricity pylons interfering with the scenery.
  2. I'm assuming that this is a FTX Global base pack issue, but I apologize in advance if it turns out to be a different add-on or default texture issue. The texture file in my P3Dv4 Scenery/World/Texture folder named 020b2sp1.bmp has the word "Spring" written across it in bright green letters - see screenshot below. This also applies to the other seasonal variations for this texture, so 020b2fa1.bmp, 020b2wi1.bmp etc. In the sim I've seen this texture being used in the mountains east of Cape Town. Could you confirm whether this is a FTX Global issue, and if so how to fix it? Thanks!
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