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  1. That is exactly why I don't put any weight on them. Semi-interesting as to 'what might be', but often meaningless - especially these days.
  2. I wrote a post and deleted it. I honestly don't put any weight on roadmaps. They change. Nice to know what 'might' be offered this year I guess.
  3. Awesome vid. Yeah it is a cool approach either way you come in. I like to go to Mounts botanical gardens sometimes with my wife. It is very close to the airport. She gets to look at some cool plants and I get to look at aircraft on very short finals or taking off etc. Cross fingers this airport is being worked on for MSFS!
  4. That is of course true. I hope we will be pleasantly surprised as has been mentioned. Just the silence normally speaks volumes lol!
  5. Yeah, I guess by the silence this one has probably been trashed. It is a real shame! Have you been to KPBI before?
  6. Sorry if I missed a reply to this, but would love to know if KPBI is still on the roadmap. I was there just today (local airport). I would love to see it in MSFS! Happy New Year to you all. Rich.
  7. Looks like it worked! I update the Nvidia driver and took a flight from KBUR to KSBA. I noticed some weird looking trees and the scenery looked awful. I landed in KSBA to find that updating the Nvidia driver had set all my setting to low and off for some things. I reset to Ultra and nervously loaded back to KBUR. I went to the outside view and panned around and it was smooth! I hope you guys can still fund the culprit, but the updated driver seems to have worked for me. Many thanks for keeping up with this and updating us! Rich.
  8. This looks promising. I will give it a try a little later when I get back. Thanks guys.
  9. Thanks for the update! It is really odd that some folks don't have the issue. I downloaded MSFS like everyone else, and used Orbx to install the airport as usual. Nothing else changed. There are no other variables with the software install or configuration as far as I can see. Can it be something that appears with higher graphical settings? Like a building or something pops in when you set the sim to 'ultra'? Most of my settings are ultra. I have no issues taking off from EGLC facing London. Let me know if I can help in any way to test, or if you need more info on specs etc. Thanks. Rich.
  10. I agree. It has been a while. Not sure if the thinking was that the MS patch would somehow magically fix things. KBUR definitely has a big issue. Getting a little frustrated with silence. Since I own most of what Orbx does on all platforms, and after the London landmarks disgusting fiasco, I am losing faith much more quickly. Sorry if that is harsh or doesn't fit in with forum etiquette, just an opinion of a damn good customer.
  11. I'll add another person (post) with terrible performance at KBUR. I have everything set to ultra and can take off from EGLC with relatively good performance. KBUR brings my system to its knees. It is unusable. I too have a 2080TI and top end CPU. I guess it is stupid to ask for news of a fix? Thanks! Rich.
  12. I too am excited about these airports. I am holding off on TE Washington until I have some airports to use.
  13. Thanks again for the help. Looks like I will have to completely reinstall this weekend. I guess you can close this ticket or whatever you guys have to do.
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