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  1. or email me my info i honestly forgot it and dont have the old email address on file n more
  2. Nope no one has Nick and i was wandering if you could change my info for me since idont have my old out look email n more too the johnzjr1984@protonmail.com
  3. hello ftx Orbx i am a paying customer my names John zeggert jr i am looking for some one to update my e mail on file for my Orbx account the soft wear i paid for too my new email it is removed sorry about the mix up ive just been away doing stuff and finally going to get back into flying p3d v3 with ftx Orbx and a new Gpu guys
  4. See nick my system cant handle p3d v4 so iwent back to v3 much better till i get a new pc system in like 2 yrs or so but for now this will have 2 do any ways nick
  5. so your telling me nick there is no way too to migrate back too the Fss store from current with ftx central 3
  6. but the fss store would be the best option for me nick honestly man i dont have the best isp too down load all my stuff but yah i think honestly the fss store is my best option if i could opted out of the current situation would be great
  7. the Old one Nick close that n keep this account ok
  8. Hello there Orbx i am a current customer and was wandering if i can have my products i bought from you go back too the Fss Store n use what i have purchased from you guys through them see guys my isp isnt that good with Limited data caps that would be a big help 2 me if some staff would do that for me i would appricate that. N ways i was wandering if there is any ways that i could get a dvd version of my product or is that not possibble now a days my name is john zeggert jr and get back to me on this asap thanks
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