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  1. Hello all, I've been having the P3Dv4 disappearing error you have seen in some FS Forums. Whereas P3Dv4 starts then disappears but it is still running in the task manager along with my weather and sode. Needless to say there are mentions of this issue some places but the consensus is to do a clean install of P3Dv4. Which I have done 4 times in the last two days. My real question is can I move my ORBX folder out of P3Dv4 so I wont need to redownload all my ORBX purchases? It takes forever because I have allot of them and even a internet speed issue. Then put the folder back into P3Dv4 and manually add it to my scenery library? i appreciate any thoughts or fixes anyone has tried. Even if it failed I would still like to know your steps so I don't waste any more time troubleshooting. Thanks all Tom Dennis
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