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  1. great job on australia in the world update. really liked your watermask work in the whitsundays. would like to put in a plug for a few more australian airport releases in the region including Hamilton Island Airport and Whitsunday Coast Airport, and further afield, Canberra and Merimbula airports. and still further afield Pacific regional packs (including improved airports and watermasks) for New Caledonia and French Polynesia. cheers
  2. Just putting in a plug for Orbx to produce an Australia scenery upgrade for microsoft flight simulator 2020. i've been flying around the whitsundays and the lack of water masks that capture the beauty of the water in the area would lend itself to a scenery upgrade. Interestingly when you zoom into this area on the sim world map you actually see a really good representation of the water.
  3. have AU Australia installed. am thinking of purchasing ftx global base pack, ftx global vector, and ftx global trees. will they add to the realism of the AU Australia landscape? if so which landscape should be at the highest priority in the landscape list? AU Australia first and then others? cheers
  4. thanks very much VH-KDK for the hills inlet screen shots. another question. have purchased the Australia add on which i'm enjoying. i notice there are two orbx global products called base pack and vector. are they worth purchasing to enhance the Australia add on or are they redundant in relation to this. cheers rob
  5. does anyone have any screenshots of hills inlet in the whitsundays?
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