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  1. Great idea and nice to hear its not a dead project. However I am sad that we wont see UAE covered in here as it wasn't covered by Africa. Are there any plans for a specific UAE addon at a certain time? But its amazing to see and to expect Asia being covered by Orbx. Can't wait!
  2. Wow! This looks amazing With STKP we already have a really great freeware tool providing a lot of features but I think with Orbx we have the perfect company in the background. I would love to see a App for Android/iOS however it will work from the browser. This looks exciting to me!
  3. Amazing! But could you please step now down to Gatwick! We really need a great Gatwick scenery!
  4. ORBX Frankfurt coming soon! <3 God damn - this is a new level of detail! :O
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