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  1. Just an update..I fixed this by Installing a NEW library location from central (a folder called Orbx2) Then reinstalling TE North from Central to see where it went... It was Orbx2/xp11/TrueEarth Great Britain North/Custom Scenery/ then the relevant separate TE folders.. Quite surprising it went into so many sub folders. ! SO..I then copied all other Orbx stuff to a similar location... then went for INSTALL again on all It then verified the files in that new location and accepted them Seems a very long winded fix, but at least its now working Hope that helps someone else Thanks Jon for the help Bil P
  2. Thanks Jon..I think the problem MAY be that I moved stuff around in the original library folders as shown above to make it clearer for me when creating symbolic links for Xorganiser hence asking what it SHOULD look like if it was left alone.... Everything works great in X plane its just central that doesn't see the library correctly Bill P
  3. Thanks for fast reply Jon... synced successfully but no change - it still says Drive F Orbx directory is empty sadly Bill P
  4. Hi all I recently moved my Orbx True Earth GB stuff (and others ) to its own drive F: when doing this I changed the folder structure so they were all at the same level in the structure to make it easy to create symbolic links Now Orbx Central cant see the library, and appears to think I dont have any products installed.. Im happy to move the structure back to what is required if I need to but need to know what Central is actually expecting to see Hope that makes sense ! screenshots attached Thanks Bill P
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