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  1. After the update installed for version 4.1.41 the discovery map is messed up. When I left click on the map to drag it the map stays stationary and the airports move. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version but still have the issue.
  2. Thank you for your response. It's just very disappointing that Orbx has done it this way. I liked the way it worked before when I could manually download the files and then when reinstalling could point central to the file location. The older system was better, at least for me. So now in order to get a backup I have to uninstall all of my Orbx scenery and turn on the automatic backup and then reinstall. There should be the ability when turning on the backup to check if the files are already installed and then download the files and save them to the backup area. But it's the way it is.
  3. This month I had issues with one of my flight simulators and uninstalled and then reinstalled my scenery files multiple times. Needless to say by the end of this month I am near my download limit from my internet provider. Recently, I forget how long ago Orbx changed the way Central downloads and eliminated the ability to download the files from orbxdirect and save them to my hard drive so if I needed to reinstall them I could point central to that file location and install it. but I can't do that any more. So how do I backup my files manually to say an external hard drive and then point an installation to that backup to install? I see an option to automatically backup my Orbx files but there is no manual backup that I can find.
  4. I tried uninstalling 5.2, cleaned out files, installed 5.1, same issue. Uninstalled 5.1, deleted files in program data, and appdata for v5, installed 5.2. Same issue. So something changed somewhere with my system and I have no idea what since I don't fly P3D all the time. I just tried a flight from KORS to KFHR and the simulator is unusable. All I know is a few weeks ago when I purchased True Earth Florida and installed it I did not have any issues. It was smooth. So I have Simstarter NG P3D set up with profiles but am just going to run P3D with Orbx base and vector and leave everything else unchecked in my scenery library. I give up! This will have to wait for a wipe and reload of windows I guess. No issue with any other games. Just P3D for some reason. Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions. Just with something worked.
  5. Thank you for that information. I don't know if it's the areas I like to fly in but I like to fly in mountainous areas and also use the Pilot's Ultimate mesh. Maybe that has something to do with my issue.
  6. Unfortunately the DSR thing wasn't working 100 percent. So back to Sinstarter NG P3D and profiles. So far I have had to stop using the regional sceneries like Southern and Northern California and any airports that require the regional sceneries. But I have been able to use profiles for the OpenLC regions. What is strange is I don't remember having this issue until I upgraded to P3D v5.2. I have been flying in southern California and the Pacific Northwest and didn't notice the issue or if I did it wasn't as bad. I may remove 5.2 and go back to 5.1.
  7. So that would mean that I would need to purchase another monitor? What I'm doing right now it setting up profiles in simstarter ng to limit the scenery in my scenery library for any one flight. I will see how that goes. If that doesn't work out it does work out by having only base and vector installed along with all my non-Orbx payware. I do thank you for your suggestions but they all involve spending a lot of money so for now I'll stick with what I have. As I mentioned before if it doesn't work out I will just scrap P3D for now, uninstall the simulator and all scenery and aircraft and wait until I upgrade my system and then try P3D again. Edit. That does give me an idea of setting up DSR for 2x in my nvidia control panel and switching to that when flying p3d and setting p3d to 2x as well. We will see how that goes.
  8. Thanks for the link but I will not purchase an AMD processor. So I'll stick for now with what I have.
  9. I didn't mean to sound offended and realize you are trying to help. I have put about $5,000 into this tower and at the present time don't feel like spending another $1,000 or more. I don't believe in chasing software upgrades, at least not routinely. Normally I just put up with things until they reach the point where I just have a new system built. What amazes me is how well FS2020 performs on my system without the hiccups. I will most likely follow John Dow's advice and look away when the little stutters occur. But also I will most likely remove the burdensome scenery and go back to the P3D default or at least base and vector. I had just purchased True Earth Florida for P3D and wish I hadn't. What seems to be the real culprit is the OS itself. Every time MS updates the OS it brings it the system one step closer to having to be upgraded or replaced. What I really should have done a long time ago is disable windows update. Oh well.
  10. Why are you even asking that? My system is 4 years old and I have no intention in upgrading a cpu, motherboard, etc just for this flight simulator. I just tried P3D v4.5 and I have the issue there but not as bad as with P3D v5.2. I'll either live with it or trash P3D and entirely and fly FS2020 (which I run without any issues on ULTRA settings) and X Plane 11. Thank you for your assistance.
  11. Well thank you for your response. If I'm wasting my time then it's time to stop this and move on. I will remove my Orbx scenery and fly without it and go back to X Plane 11 and FS 2020. I have had issues with P3D since I first purchased version 4 and then version 5. Always had stutters even when my system was first built and P3D had a clean install. I guess P3D is just not worth the effort on my part at this time. Thank you.
  12. So is what I'm doing a waste of time? If so I may just as well go back to what I did before, just disable all of my Orbx scenery and then things work OK? I'm confused.
  13. Well I just started to get the stuttering after loading a few items. One of those is Aspen Extended which of course is close to Orbx KEGE. I'll try to remove vector and see if that helps.
  14. OK thank you for that information. So far I went in and unchecked all addons except for aircraft and all scenery except for the default. Flew the route KDEN to KEGE and no issues using your settings. Have started checking things again several at a time to try to identify what is causing the issue. So this will take a while. Thanks again.
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