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  1. So I've added Vector, Trees, and North America to my global base through FTX Central. Everything downloaded just fine. I have all my texture and settings on ultra. I fly in the Cleveland area. I started a flight from KCLE and headed over downtown Cleveland. So much is missing from there. The landmarks such as the rock and roll hall of fame, progressive field, quicken loans arena are not there. The Cuyahoga river is not detailed but more "cartoon-ish" if that is a word. Could I have some settings wrong or did I have my hopes set too high? What I am seeing is nothing like the realism on the Orbx website. I will definitely post some screen shots and you can direct me from there. I will get back to you all later in the week. What I expected to see was scenery similar to google earth. Very realistic. Very crisp. I did not expect simulated groundcover, buildings, trees, and traffic.
  2. Doc_Z Thanks a million! I think I'm going to add Vector, Open North America and Trees. Anything else you suggest? If I buy the Open North America, are the other product airports within that North America download or are they also separate? Why is everything a-la-carte?
  3. I have Prepar3d V4 on my simulator system. I've added FTX Central and ORBX Global. What I want to know is this. Do I need to also download the other ORBX products such as Vector, OpenLC North America, Trees HD, Airports, etc....for the full effect? Or are these other products already included in the single Global package?
  4. Thanks guys. I had to adjust all my default settings. Once I turned them up all the benefits were as expected. Thanks for all your help.
  5. I am using the p3d default resolution settings. Should I have them maxed out? Another thing I noticed is that my control panel in the FTC central for the global base is greyed out. I am unable to select any of the choices. Maybe there is something in the FTC central settings that I need adjusted. I downloaded global and libraries through FTC central but did not select download and backup. I downloaded only.
  6. I assume that global includes all areas of the world. Or am I wrong?
  7. libraries is installed and still same issue. libraries was installed ahead of the global download. does that matter?
  8. Hello Doug, I'm not sure what you mean by install Orbx Libraries. I downloaded Orbx Base Global through FTX Central. Was I supposed to do anything after that? Doesn't Orbx do all the installation for me? Please advise if I did not do it correctly. I read a post where Orbx is still developing the DLL for 64 bit which is what have. I am missing buildings and objects at the location I started from. Could it be that development is still taking place? Transaction ID: 59c456a504304 Regards, JP
  9. Hello all. I've just finished loading FTX Central on my computer simulator and I've had no issues. I then purchased and downloaded the Orbx Global Base Pack. It downloaded somewhat easily with no issues either. My concern is that I loaded a flight in P3D v4 expecting to see the "WOW FACTOR" of Orbx. Much to my surprise, nothing had changed. I had the same default textures and blocky images as I did prior to the installation. A rather silly question, but how to I get the awesome textures Orbx promises? Do I need to adjust the settings in P3D v4? I'm trying to find a forum or video to see how to use the download after it installs but much to my amazement I cannot find anything. In advance, Thank you for your feedback.
  10. Many thanks to all the replies. You certainly have had a positive impact on my choice of software and downloads. I checked into the VoxATC and i do not see the download for prepar3d (any version) nor the FSX download. anyone know where the download for windows 10 is?
  11. So I've finished my entire hardware setup and I'm ready to install 3rd party add-ons. My first choice on the list is an ATC add on. I have both P3D v3 & v4 and FSX Gold with the acceleration pack. I have been reading about the many different ATC add ons out there such as VATSIM, RADAR CONTACT, PF3, PILOT EDGE etc..... What I want to know is a two fold question. #1) Which ATC add on is the most realistic in regards to true G/A aviation? #2) Is or does the ATC preference provide coverage in my neck of the woods which is the eastern USA (Cleveland Center)? I tried Vatsim a long time ago and what I recall was that it was very (IFR) only supported. Of course the controllers would help VFR but not with pleasure. Maybe now things have changed. Anyone's thoughts? I also looked into PILOT EDGE and see that this program is mainly on the US West Coast. If there are any recommendations out there I am all ears. I am a real G/A pilot looking to make my sim as realistic from the ground up on a real life budget. I don't mind spending the $$$$ to get the best experience however I am not going to waste my time on stuff that does not work. My sim is to keep me current when I can't fly. Being VFR only in the Cleveland area is frustrating because of the lake and all the weather concerns we have here. That's why I need it as realistic as I can. I also need the ATC practice. My instructor was not very helpful in ATC communication. He bred a fear in students that "ATC" is out to get you. Stay away from their airspace. Since I received my pilot license in 2005, I have been struggling with the instructors advice. To get over my phobia I actually visited one of my local ATC towers and spent a few hours bending their ears and gaining the comfort level I needed to communicate with them. Now I want to do the same, in the privacy of my own home and learn what I've been missing out on all these years. So help me with your suggestions as to the most realistic ATS add on out there. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  12. is the Orbx global base pack an all in one package, meaning does it include vector, trees, airports etc or are the vector, trees, airport additional add ons after the base pack?
  13. I want to say thanks for all the input. This will get me started on the right path. If I understand this correctly after installing the add-on's I should just open the .exe file and let the installer do the work. Is that right? Why am I under the impression that I need to make copies of files, new directories and the like and also change file extension names? Like I said in my first post, there's a lot of wanna-bee's out there where I get this from. 1) download the add-on's I want and run the .exe or.... A) download the add-on's I want open the file directory for prepar3d (ie: aircraft, scenery etc) C) copy/move the downloaded add-on aircraft or scenery etc into the specific file folder
  14. Does anyone know of a link that gives the step by step tutorial on how to install and run add-ons in prepar3d v4? Secondly, besides ORBX are there must have add ons (either paid or free) that make simming awesome? Thanks in advance.
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