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  1. I solved the problem:

    Although Object Flow does not show up in "Add-Ons" menu, the objects are back in place.

    The reason is very simple: My username is "Björn" with the german letter "ö". For some reason the add-on.xml showed a path to the .dll with a username similar to "BjÄ#rn" or so..

    Corrected it - and voilá: everything´s back :D

    I have absolutely no idea why object flow doesn´t show up in add-ons... Will continue to search...


    @Mods: please mark as resolved. Thank you!

  2. Hi!

    Just installed LOWI v1.10 for P3Dv4 (HF1) with Central Runs pretty smooth and stable, however some objects are shown, others are not.

    I attached some screenshots to show - windsocks, grass, hold-short stop-bars are missing at the airport (apron with moving and static objects poulated, however...),

    the threshold rw08 shows another rw shimmering through and south of the town I noticed the missing ski-jump.

    I tried to re-install but without success. Win10x64, no P3Dv3 present (never was...), no other sceneries in the area. FTX GEN + ENG are installed.

    All the xml are present in the LOWI folder and can be changed via the Control Panel (they actually are renamed), but no success.

    Maybe somebody can help. Thx in advance!

    Best, Björn

    Screenshot 2017-08-09 13.38.32.jpg

    Screenshot 2017-08-09 13.41.06.jpg

    Screenshot 2017-08-09 13.43.56.jpg

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