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  1. Increadibly beautiful and realistic! I am not even certain if it is real photos or snapshots from the simulator sometimes
  2. Visiting my gym in Liljeholmen the other day I noted quite an increase in traffic on approach to Bromma, a clear signal of Stockholm opening up after the pandemia. Hopefully we will soon be able to fly the approach ourselves ✈️ Any updates, preview pics? Thank you
  3. After installing World Update 5 for the Nordic countries it's clear that there is still much room for improvements to both Stockholm and other cities and areas. Arlanda after update is okey, but in the hands of an experienced creator it could get much better Now looking forward to Bromma and Visby coming to MSFS!
  4. The preview pics of Bromma Airport and Stockholm city are amazing! Is this scenery planned to be released before or after the next World Update 5 for MSFS, which will include Sweden and an update of Arlanda ESSA Airport? Anyway, really looking forward to Bromma and Visby Tack på förhand! / Jan
  5. Hi! In the Orbx Store App it is stated that Support for LOWS is on "the Orbx Community Forum". It would be good if it is clearly stated that support for a product bought through Orbx is given elsewhere. Best regards Jan
  6. Hi! I have newly bought the scenery for Graz (LOWG) and Saltzburg (LOWS). Very fine sceneries. I have found two small issues regarding ATC parking positions though: LOWG: It is only possible to select GA-parkings although normaly when I fly the A320 its possible at most MSFS airports to select GATE. Does Graz airport only have parkings for GA? LOWS: Here its not possible to select any parking position via ATC at all although almost all parking positions are empty. Why? Any clues to why? Best regards Jan Jönsson
  7. Just to make things clear. I reported to Microsoft MSFS2020 Zendesk. But now I saw that Gaya Simulation is using their own Zendesk system, so now also reported to Gaya Zendesk.
  8. The new Vienna Airport looks very good. However noticed a problem I dont know if it has with the scenery or MSFS to do with. When requesting taxi I use the blue arrow support to get to the runway. At this airport you never get directions from ATC which route to take to runway and no blue arrows. There is a lot of AI-live traffic at this airport. However imediately after AI have asked for IFR Clearence they all are deleted, never taxi to runway. And landing AI gets deleted right after landing never taxi to gate. Any ideas if this a bug in MSFS or Orbx Scenery? I have also reported this to Zendesk. Best regards Jan
  9. Problem solved: XMLTools had not been installed correctly. Now done thanks to Milviz support and everything works as it should. Magnificent plane.
  10. I bought the Milviz DHC-3T Turbo Otter yesterday through Orbx. However I haven't been able to get it to function. Actually nothing with it works (all other Addons I have so far has always worked out of the box, especially bought from Orbx). Sound not working, can not move throttle at all, controllers not recognized, starting with ctrl+E not working etc. I tried to uninstall via Orbx Direct central and re-install but no difference. Any clues? I have tried to get in contact with Milviz support, but so far no response. I have read online that most get reply almost immediate, but me it has soon gone 24 hours. What to do? Receipt #1563-1393 Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5f05c5ed452bb Best regards Jan Jönsson
  11. Thanks! I will try turning of the moving things at first The strange thing is that usually when this happends I start to get very low FPS, but they are very high up till the sudden OOM with this airport.
  12. Hi! When on approach to LOWI Innsbruck Airport I get OOM, every time and FSX has to be restarted. Dont have this problem with other airports. The FPS are very good, and it comes very suddenly. Any clues to why? I am using FSX:SE on WIndows 10. Best regards Jan Jönsson
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