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  1. I have it and love it. You can set it up to do just about anything except controllers. I don't fly without it. Is works well with Orbx. Here is a current video of all its features.
  2. Never mind I found the issue. It was a performance issue of settings to high. I lowered the rendering to 90 and now have no issues at this airport. Josh
  3. Hi I just purchased KSBA for FS 2020 and have a issue. No mater what plane I use the throttle keeps moving back and forth and the rudder doesn't work well ether(same behavior as the throttle). I go to other airports and the same thing happens. If I uninstall KSBA everything goes back to normal and I have no issues anywhere. Strange! Any clues on whats going on here? If I install KSBA and go to a different airport on launch everything works but as soon as I go to KSBA it all goes bad from then on.
  4. I wish there was one as I bought TE Washington and didn't like it at all. If there was a demo for TE to see how it looked and preform on my system that would have been great, then I wouldn't have wasted the money.
  5. I reported this issue when it first came.. It really looks bad. They said they would look into it. I don't know how this could have been missed. I still love the airport but its hard to avoid this area going to Boulder city from Vegas without going thru the area that is just a photoreal neighborhood with no autogen right next to neighborhoods that do. If you disable the 100cm photoreal it goes away but then you lose the nice mountains. It should really be a easy fix.
  6. Just to let you know I have days like that.
  7. VRAM is going to be the next Achilles heal in this hobby.
  8. Hi Ken If I disable the 100cm photoreal the issue goes away. Hopefully a update will solve it. Thanks again really enjoying the scenery. Josh
  9. Hi Ken Thanks for this incredible airport. I have one issue with the 100 cm coverage area. At the NE corner of Henderson on the east side of Boulder HWY there is abit of photoreal of neighborhoods without any autogen on top of it. It really stands out and doesn't look right compared to the rest of the area. Thanks Josh Lat. N36 0.72 W114 55.57
  10. My first one lasted about 5 yrs then had to order new one.
  11. I believe it is not available anymore and it is only for FSX. So you have to shoehorn it in. I tried but was getting lots of issues so deleted it.
  12. I don't want to buy it if it is forcing me to move forward with ORBX Central in the short term. Ill just wait its not going anywhere.
  13. I want to buy Buildings HD but it says that i need ORBX Central . Will Ftx Crntral3 work for this purchase?
  14. I'm just using the wait and see what happens method for now. I guess no more ORBX scenery's for awhile but I haven't been buying much as they haven't released anything I'm interested in lately. I'm getting a new computer soon so will wait till then to switch to the new ORBX central system. No need going thru the motions now with a good working sim and I really don't want to have to make all new scenery sets.. Josh
  15. Can I still use FTX Central 3 to download and install new purchases?
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