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  1. Thanks for that Andy. I checked the file content, and as far as I can see syntax all looks fine, nothing odd stands out. On that basis could there still be value in forcing that XML to recreate? I ask as I honestly don't know what that may or may not trigger to assist the issue. I've done the same approach once more on a full flight, and same issue, and that was after deactivating some Community addons, it was worth a try. Now, interestingly, and purely by chance, I just decided to do some housekeeping on another drive I use for videos, and came across the same approach from a few months back, and aside from some performance issues as I was probably still tinkering with sim settings, those buildings are fine! Now I know the next sim update is pending, and I wonder if that may somehow fix things, but I'm wondering what may have changed in my sim, apart from a few addons (incl OMDB City Pack) and sim updates. Very odd.
  2. Update on this one. I tried a circular test route departing and arriving OMDB, 12R this time, and it was fine. However, when I then did a real flight, from OBBI, the same thing happened. Buildings just before the runway boundary, fine, then disappear, then reappear. Can you perhaps provide a bit more info on the xml file you mention so I can take a look at it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Jon, you’ve confirmed my understanding of the scope of the OMDB scenery vs airport, so I suspect taking the same approach as LOWI would result in no airport at all perhaps! I’m not confident with xml files really, so will see if it happens again, and if so, remove the Orbx addon temporarily and see how it behaves and also get a better understanding of the extent of the addon, which will help determine if the misbehaving buildings are Asobo or Orbx content. I might also do a search for known problems regarding the Asobo content though I can’t recall seeing this one before when I’ve approached OMDB.
  4. I installed the new product yesterday, no apparent issues, and just did a flight arriving to OMDB 12L coming in over the sea. As I got into short final approach at <1000' the tower block buildings which are just before the runways did something odd. They were visible, then all disappeared before "rebuilding" once more to show as normal, within a few seconds. I have it captured if that's of use. I checked Central but there doesn't appear to be a manual for the product there ( I just get an error), so I'm asking for pointers here instead. My product is installed to Orbx Library rather than in-sim BTW. Recalling an issue I experienced with LOWI, which seems resolved by deleting the Asobo default content, is that approach something to consider here? I don't know the extent of the scenery, so am unsure if deleting the Asobo content will mess things up. Can you suggest what may be the cause and changes I could attempt to resolve? Thanks! Dave
  5. Just a quick one - can anyone advise where the product is installed? Does it drop into the Community folder, existing Orbx Library, or direct into the sim structure? If it's the latter does it append to content or overwrite any core/default files? Thanks in advance Dave
  6. Ah, would just like to check before I try things out - would it just be scenery entry FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY that I would need to unselect in P3D scenery library, to just run Global Base plus my airports, without EU England active? I'm suddenly also thinking if that's right would I need to re-enable related airport named .BGL files that are currently named as .OFF (to avoid 3rd party scenery issues, usually elevation) Many thanks Dave
  7. Hi Doug, thanks for that suggestion, I wasn’t sure of the recommended way to go about things. So if using the sim interface to disable EU England is a simple and safe way to try a different configuration, without removing that item from my library altogether, I shall give it a go. I’m pretty sure that my EGLL product is quite a demanding one, but having noticed that difference when a regional layer wasn’t present, it got me wondering about that aspect. as I always say, the learning never stops! cheers Dave
  8. Currently I'm exclusively flying airliners and would like to better understand the pros and cons of using Global Base along with EU England, and a range of airport addons from Orbx and other suppliers. If I used Central to uninstall EU England, whilst flying airliners, what detail would I stand to lose, and is it possible in doing so I may improve performance at all? I'd note that CPU/GPU are not being pushed hard right now, but have been wondering if my combination of scenery is somehow causing an issue with ChasePlane, where I've seen some notchy transitions, that I've not figured out yet. In terms of detail, I'm thinking of places such as London city buildings etc, noting I do have Orbx EGLC also - whilst EGLL is the UK2000 product. I have to admit some ignorance as to which product delivers the city details, so any pointers there would be useful. Regarding performance, I'm trying to bottom out some issues using ChasePlane VC cameras. I'm trying to get a better understanding of this as I believe the issues I've seen were not so obvious when flying a route in NA, namely KSFO>KLAS, and the only Orbx products I have there are of course Global Base, and NA Socal, though I suspect the sim may not be calling upon the latter due to the nature of the route. So I guess the main query is about best use of EU England, in conjunction with the other products I mention, when the only aspect of lower altitude flight would be departure/arrival, using London city building details as an example - which of course is quite splendid, especially on approach to EGLL. Thanks in advance Dave
  9. Hi Doug, sorry for slow reply. Thanks for your pointers on that one. I think the issue is now resolved here, and my system now shows a new library only, in the new location! cheers Dave
  10. Hi, could I ask for some guidance regarding Orbx Library management? In summary I've had to rebuild my P3D v4.5 sim from scratch. On the same drive as my sim a library already existed (Main Library originally in E:\Orbx Library) As part of my sim rebuild I've just added another drive, so that I can run P3D from one drive, and reserve the new drive for addons such as scenery. What I was hoping I would be able to do, is create a new library on the new drive (G) via Orbx Central v4.1.1, and then move existing download content across from my sim drive as described above, without having to download it all again. This may not be the best way, but my thinking was that there is no "move" option in Orbx Central so thought it would be ok to do that, and then verify products so the sim can see them. I have not carried out the move of content from one drive to another, but in using Orbx Central to edit library details discovered it will not delete the new library, which is just a folder, no content. If I try to delete it returns the error "an error occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator" and the library remains in Central, as does the (empty) folder structure. If I then start my sim, I am prompted to enable Orbx sceneries, which I declined as I want to have sceneries pulled from the new drive not the old one, and the new library is not yet built. Can you help me unravel whatever may be amiss so that I can get Central to clear what it sees as a new library but will not delete, and if it's possible, advise how I move content from one drive to another, creating a new main library as I do so. I'm sure I've probably done something stupid without realising... I've attached a logfile here. Kind regards, and stay safe Dave Operating system: Windows 10/64 Home Simulator: p3D v4.5 Screenshot: See attached, plus error info in text body Issue: central.log
  11. Hi Ben via Parallel42, Keven has confirmed the version mismatch I saw is not something to be concerned about, but thanks for your info also! Kind regards Dave
  12. Thanks for the reply Nick. I’m unsure why I have run into the issue I have, and am clutching at straws to avoid a full rebuild, given this one is only 2 months old! I’m glad you agree in this aspect though, as it makes sense to eliminate any oddities, with fingers crossed! You've answered the key aspect about it still being ok to remove Central without impact to my scenery installs, so Thankyou for that. The ChasePlane version issue caught my attention, and I’m hopeful that Keven might spot something in that via the query I’ve raised on the Parallel42 support system. all the best Dave
  13. Hi, just looking for some guidance regarding Orbx Central versions on PC. Background is I have encountered ChasePlane issues since migrating to the new approach via Orbx Central v4.1.1. In digging deeper I've noticed a mismatch of version information in that Central shows ChasePlane installed as v1.1.69, whereas the actual product shows v1.1.72. I've raised this with Keven and await an update regarding the specific issue of the Parallel42 product version mismatch. The Orbx Central question... In the process of looking into this I have also noticed that my PC which is running Orbx Central v4.1.1 also seems to think that v4.0.33 still exists, partly at least via some registry info. Windows CP and 3rd party app installers show both versions as existing on my PC. In trying to resolve the main ChasePlane problem I am considering the following approach. Yes the core issue is ChasePlane but Orbx Central is implicated also so please bear with me! The main query is to confirm that uninstalling Orbx Central will not affect my raft of Orbx scenery products, and that it is just an interface to manage them. If that is true, my thinking is to: -Use Orbx Central v4.1.1 to uninstall all my Parallel42 products -Uninstall both versions of Orbx Central my PC thinks are present, as described above -Check that the registry data I've seen for both versions of Orbx Central is no longer present, and if needs be use a 3rd party tool such as IObit to remove those entries -Reboot -Reinstall the latest version of Orbx Central, then proceed to reload my Parallel42 products, hoping this may resolve the problem I have there. Orbx product purchase transaction ID: 592aaa3ddf95f kind regards Dave Operating system: Windows 10/64 home Simulator: P3D v4.5 Academic (all modules) Screenshot: Issue: Multiple versions of Central show on PC/uninstall process and ChasePlane cam transition judder (which I've reported to Keven) central.log
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