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  1. P3D V5 over Manchester, New Hampshire
  2. Yessir, grew up in the area as well. Screenshot is coming out of 1P1 headed towards the notch, but I didn't think anyone would notice
  3. I came back after a long hiatus from Flight Simming and never purchased Prepar3d v4. I was previously using v3 and since coming back have purchased v5 since that seems like the future. My question is, is there any way to download some of the freeware for v4? My Orbx central correctly recognizes that I do not have v4, so I am unable to download anything which was for v4 only and has not officially been released for v5 yet. I am specifically trying to access the v4 NA traffic package. I understand this may not be fully compatible with v5 yet, but I am mainly using them for my own custom AI for myself and really just need access to the models. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Yes, A2A cherokee. Definitely will check those hinges in the future!
  5. Taken moments before extending my flaps and having a left flap failure sending me into a flatspin. Moral of the story is.... do your preflights!
  6. This is in southern Maryland, USA. About 1.5 hours west of Philadelphia.
  7. I had never visited this airport before. Great scenery!
  8. This is straight north of Brunswick Maine towards Mt Katahdin
  9. by the way, does anyone know good settings to help smooth out textures on the aircraft? It looks like it needs some kind of AA
  10. Just started from scratch after being away for a few months. Loving it!
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