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  1. I would love to see a global airport pack for MSFS2020 on that map!
  2. It appears everything is working correctly. The detail in the texture and architecture are better than anything I've seen. My next question is, does the Buildings setting need to be set to max to see all of the product? I'm going by what the setup instructions said but I haven't seen any of those fast food restaurants in the screenshots. I imagine they would be fairly ubiquitous. Thanks for all the responses. Regards,
  3. Yes, but are these from orbx? I noticed the Buildings HD scenery is locked at 216 on the priority list. Thanks!
  4. Silly questions but how do I know this has been installed properly? Should I notice a difference? All the autogen looks the same as before. I took some screen grabs of the NE USA.
  5. The store page is up but KSBA isn't listed in FTX Central so.. not for sale yet?
  6. So, does the AI package work for you with UTLive in ORBX regions and airports or not? I cannot get them to play together and like you am tired of seeing the same 3 GA aircraft in UTLive. Thanks, Eric
  7. Thanks, that's the trouble. I'm starting to lean more towards Vector.
  8. Sorry, Here's my sales number: Your transaction ID / receipt number is 5a9ebc50670cf
  9. Hi, I've noticed this misplaced tile off the east coast of Acadia Park. How do I get rid of it? Thanks!
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