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  1. Heres to hoping this is released this weekend so I can fly from Amsterdam back to a new version of Brisbane.
  2. Huge difference. Crap loads more parking, a whole new runway. Actual taxi lines to follow. YBBNv1 was original technology. Very outdated.
  3. Hey @Ed Correia, is there any screen shots of the development of Brisbane V2?
  4. Gday Graham, Is it possible to keep the tiger australia etc paints and just exclude them from the AI flight plans. I use this AI traffic install for AI aircraft in multiplayer and some people will continue to fly these airlines in multiplayer after the schedules have finished. Cheers Joel
  5. Be nice to see something in the previews to that effect.
  6. I’m kinda getting bored with all the MSFS scenery development. Can some one tell me what Orbx is developing for P3D?
  7. Operating system: Winows 10 Simulator: P3Dv5 Screenshot: Issue: Unable to install products I am wondering if there is a way to manually add P3Dv4 to Orbx Central to be able to install scenery which hasn't been deemed compatible. I really don't want to have to download and install P3Dv4 just to download scenery then move to the P3Dv5 folder just to use it.
  8. Gday, I have an idea. Is there a way of getting some reputable community scenery developers e.g. Robert Fluke, and give them the ability to have single click install and update from Orbx Central? Its a great tool for users, and it would promote Orbx even more!?
  9. Gday, I have noticed with Orbx Australia V2 that there is random water everywhere... has anyone had this problem or know how to fix it.
  10. I'm just wondering if there is any work being done on updating these old airports. Bundaberg has had a runway extension and Brisbane has had terminal and apron changes?
  11. I love that YMML has had an update. Almost thought that ORBX had abandoned Australia. YBBN next? There has been big changes there!
  12. Check out www.armyvirtual.com this is the bird of choice!
  13. When this is fixed can we get the proper runway length?
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