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  1. To add I have noticed the taxiway markings are not entirely accurate. All the stands have aircraft stop bars on them relative to what capacity aircraft they can hold (as you have done on some but not all). Also along Alpha taxiway each stand has a turn off arrow with number. This can be seen on bing maps as the most up to date sat imagery. Thanks for taking the feedback onboard.
  2. Hi Orbx, Apologies if this is not the location to provide feedback. LBA holds a special place in my heart as where I started my flying career through a PPL and with that comes a fairly intimate knowledge of being there and operating in and out of it. The scenery for MFS is immense, absolutely captures the area and the airport (most especially in the grey rainy conditions today!) I have spotted a few inconsistencies that I hope you can look into for future updates. Runways in the World Map are incorrectly labelled. The dot for 14 and 32 at opposite ends There seems to be no ATC now with freecalling traffic in place Taxiways are generally accurate in regards to terrain profile, however the intersection between Golf/Lima is quite 'polygony' and not smooth at all. Multiflight Cafe & Classrooms have not been modelled which is a fairly visual and key part of South Side, in addition to the fencing that separates the airfield and the road/car parking. Some of the Static Aircraft are a bit out of place. British Airways do not operate the Embraer into LBA, nor do they have several aircraft visiting at once. There is only ever 1 x A319 at a time and they exclusively use Stand 8 or 10 with the jetway. Many of the cars are just littered in random spots, some crashing into the terminal, some parked on top of each other, some parked on the grass and some facing the wrong way compared to road markings. Minor but it just looks quite haphazardly constructed. All this said I am so happy and grateful for LBA to be a launch product. It is a brilliant rendition and lives up to the usual Orbx Standards. If you guys did LHR to this level I think you'd steal the market from UK2000/Aerosoft. Many thanks. I hope this helps add the finishing touches.
  3. Well the sim isn’t pitched solely at the hard core simulation market. If it were I’m sure they would have spent more time and charged more. Bear in mind we are spoilt with some 3rd party devs, but your newcomer or casual summer won’t turn their nose up at the offering. Hence why I will buy the base version and update everything with 3rd party.
  4. I see expectations have not changed. They are literally making an entire simulator. Orbx make one airport at a time. If you compare the base sims FS9-FSX-P3D-MSFS I think you'll find they're not exactly going half measure.
  5. Nice to see the discounts available but it is cheeky implying that it saves you money if you take the P3D discount (to pass the time) and then the MSFS upgrade as overall that will cost you more money. Not trying to sound ungrateful at all, just the opening header of the email: Save big on Orbx Microsoft Flight Simulator launch products! Implies that you save money on buying for P3D and getting access to the 40% upgrade discount. As the launch prices are open to anyone. Leeds Bradford Full Price 23.39 USD With Pre-MSFS 25% Discount 17.55 USD MSFS Upgrade Price 10.79 USD Total 28.34 USD This versus just paying 17.99 USD when it launches. I get that if you intend to keep P3D and MSFS running side by side this is an overall discount but if you intend to drop P3D this is more expensive.
  6. Hi Nick, Seemingly by installing some Orbx airports and/or Freemesh it has solved the problem!
  7. Hello, So having just completely reinstalled a fresh Win 10, P3D, and the Orbx Base, Trees, Open LC Europe, and finally True Earth GB South with no tweaks or complication, just a fresh clean install I am presented with this issue... As you can see in the first image terrain/texures appear underwater and begin to emerge out of the water, similarly in the second image you can see around the coast line there is a load of terrain/texture that handrails the coast and then a strange sand coloured terrain out to sea from there. The rest of Europe looks fine, so not sure why TE GB SE is conflicting? Any help much appreciated. Oli
  8. Not quite sure it works that way. It’s by virtue that they’ve release it first for xplane that allows you to say that, I’m pretty sure the P3D version will be just as impressive.
  9. I think as part of this or City Scapes range the approaches into LHR would prove very popular. It's an iconic approach over the city centre and to date isn't at all done any justice.
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