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  1. i wrote this on the discord but not sure if it will ever get seen so copying here:



    PLEASE JUST SHOW THE METARS. this "condensed" metar is the most useless thing i've ever seen, sorry. it literally omits important information, oh and HPA IS NOT USED IN NORTH AMERICA. i know you can hover the mouse over it. however, if i need to hover over it, it defeats the purpose of it being there to begin with. the mouse is being used to enter data into the fms, i cant hover and use the mouse at the same time. how about this: show the metar by default, and hover over it to show the "condensed" version. but for the love of jesus h christ just show the metar. it's a flight simulation utility. we all know how to read a metar. just show the metar.


  2. this apparently was my problem too.


    happy orbx user for years on my other pc (had p3d and all scenery on the ssd).  got new pc on tuesday, fresh install of everything, so tried to be smart about it (old pc's ssd was almost full by the end) so, p3d installed to ssd.. figured i'd get cute and use the new library function and put all the scenery on the big 2tb hdd .... then ran into these annoying artifacts.. just like shown above... so after uninstalling, reinstalling to the main directory, verifying and syncing, it finally appears to have resolved itself. it looks like i remember. I think the main thing today was finding this thread and seeing that i needed to move the libraries to the main directory not just the global base and openlc's.. then re-verifying etc. 


    so i cant use the library function to offload scenery off my ssd, but i really dont care, i'll live with it. its faster anyway :)




  3. having i think the same thing. brand new pc, new win10 , p3d 4.5 


    i notice it at night, seems to be mostly in desert regions, some parts of the scenery appear to be daylight, only base and openlc na installed so far. have tried verifying, delete shaders etc. nothing. it doesnt seem consistent either, reloading a scenario at the same time of day the amount of wrongly lit areas varies.



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