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  1. Hi Mark, your sceneries will work, no need to purchase them again. Maybe you have to transfer licenses if you do not see your products in your ORBXdirect account. Regards, Flo
  2. My two cents: Your budget is your limit. I bought a Samsung evo 1GB for flight simulator stuff, and at the moment this seems enough. Of course you cannot have too much disk space, in the future you will probably always end up with a full drive. For me, investing in a pro level SSD was not worth the higher price, but maybe I'll regret this later.
  3. One more tip: I use SimStarterNG for different scenery configurations, for instance I only load California when I fly there, or Germany, etc. Once configured, it's just a matter of one click to change the configuration. It's payware, but there are also free alternatives out there. Very recommended :-)
  4. Thank you very much, Gentlemen. I will try to contribute more to this fine community!
  5. It is a sale price valid until Jan. 1st. Cheers, Flo
  6. I really like the first shot. I get cold looking at this. Hot tea, anyone?
  7. Hi guys, this is the first screenshot I post here, but I do really like it. This was on a short hop between Whalsay and Sumburgh. Cheers, Flo
  8. Hi Sandro, the regions are standalone products. You do not have any advantage inside the area of the regions when you have OLC NA, Vector or Global Base. Regards, Flo
  9. Actually it would be funny if ORBX hides the fellowship of the ring on their journey as an easter egg somewhere in the NZ mountains
  10. You will probably not get an official answer. But last year, there was a sale starting end of November. Doesn't mean necessarily that this is an annual thing though ;-)
  11. Wow, that is a fun to read review indeed. Great work!
  12. Hey Jack, there is in option in the display settings in P3D. It says "Black-out desktop" or similar. Just don't tick that and the second monitor should be visible in full screen. Cheers, Flo
  13. But guys... GEN is already out for over a year. Of course they discount it. It was already discounted before by 48% (twice, I think), so probably a lot of people bought it already cheaper than the first buyers. I really do not understand what is unfair about discounting GEN now... You guys who have it already are enjoying it for some time... Guess what: In the next sale, which is maybe in November/December... GEN will be discounted _again_ , and GES most probably not...
  14. Yeah, sure, 50% discount on a newly released product... I see that all the time...
  15. It's not yet released, since you cannot buy it. But everything seems to be prepared :-D
  16. Wow, nice work. I order one of those ;-)
  17. Did you opt-in for the fastlane? You can only see ESSA for v4 if you did: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/139402-objectflow-2-open-beta/ Cheers, Flo
  18. Enjoy :-) https://flusinews.de/2017/09/preview-orbx-ftx-germany-south-ges/
  19. I would assume that using the BMW logo without proper licensing it is a trademark offense ...
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