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  1. Honestly, I didn't spend one cent on Flight Sim software since MS2020 was announced. Time to spend those "saved" Euros
  2. This is a Dash 8, I think: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombardier_Dash_8 Cheers, Flo
  3. Hi John, as far as I know, all XPlane products that you already own for P3D are discounted by 40% automatically. Just look at the prices of the products you already own for P3D. The discount should be shown. Cheers, Flo
  4. Hi Freebird, the two products have nothing to do with each other, so there is no need for compability. One replaces textures and the other injects AI traffic. Regards, Flo
  5. I can only say what happens with my credit card: The amount of EUR I pay is determined by the current exchange rate AUD to EUR. And my credit card company adds a small fee for payment in another currency then EUR. I don't know how much exactly, but it was 0.x percent.
  6. Hi Nesto, the prices in other currencies then AUD are just for informational purposes. You always pay in AUD at checkout. Cheers, Flo
  7. Does it really matter if FTX Central checks, how many installations of the SW are active? More than one active installation per license is not allowed, whether it is checked or not ...
  8. If it's the same as the last years, there should be the end of year sale starting end of November. No guarantee though ;-)
  9. Since True Earth England South is the first scenery package for XP11, you only can see airports until later today. I hope this helps :-)
  10. This will be my first payware XP11 product. Looking forward to explore!
  11. I think JV wrote at some point, that LC based regions are developed alongeside TrueEarth regions. So I assume we will hear about new LC based regions hopefully soon :-) Cheers, Flo
  12. Hi, the discount is already over. It was valid for one day only on NA Airports and Regions. Cheers, Flo
  13. I think you can technically use the Airport without EU Norway, but it does not blend so well in the surrounding. But to be sure that it really works, I would wait for an ORBX answer.
  14. You just have to buy it once. FTX Central will just install the P3D versions of your sceneries. Cheers, Flo
  15. I browse this forum for a year now, and the answer to these kind of questions was always "no". Sorry mate. But hey, it's still money well spent !
  16. Ah, great. So there is a May Sale this year :-)
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