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  1. Orbx has a great vision for the future of flight simulation. Even though Aerofly FS2 is still in early access, it shows great potentials, and it is steadily getting better and better. For now we still need FSX/P3D/XP11, but more people will gradually move onto the next generation platform, as it's getting mature.
  2. I have wetted myself seeing this announcement. Aerofly FS2 + Orbx + large photoreal scenery = bliss.
  3. Thank you Jarrad! Now I completely got it. That's even more exciting than I have imagined. The ambition of IPACS is bigger than I have imagined!
  4. Thank you Jarrad for your detailed explanation. Do you mean the new vegetation system including trees will go beyond LOWI and cover all other Aerofly DLS as well?
  5. While I am extremely excited about this LOWI scenery, I am also concerned about the areas outside it. Is it possible to have a photoreal Austria as the extension of photoreal Switzerland which already exists for Aerofly FS2? It's even more necessary for FS2 because it does not have good global scenery as FTX openLC Europe, so the gap between existing add-on sceneries will look more barren and unpleasant.
  6. As a use of Aerofly FS2, I will definitely buy this...for the trees alone. And I seriously believe this is the beginning of a new era, in which we will finally walk out of the long time trauma of Microsoft's unforgivable mistake of discontinuing Microsoft flight simulator.
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