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  1. Aerofly FS 2 brings out the best of Orbx. And vice versa. An instant buy. More, more, more!
  2. I share the same feeling of thankfulness towards Orbx. Aerofly FS 2 is still limited in functionality, but it has so much potential which needs support from big players in the market. With Orbx joining, I really see the flight sim business is moving towards the future. Great move!
  3. Orbx might better consider the "early access" mode which is now so fashionable in Steam.
  4. I completely agree with Benny. I have gone a long way from MSFS, X-plane, P3D to Aerofly FS2, and I find my peace there. Just imagine all ORBX sceneries converted to AFS2. I will buy all of them. It will make the world so much better.
  5. I'd be happy to download a 100GB DLC. It's not much a problem nowadays.
  6. This is the future, this is the right direction, this is something we have been waiting for. Please follow this road and cover the whole world with photoreal 3d!
  7. Thank you Roger for the inside info. Wish your friend well.
  8. Can you elaborate more about what this is? Is it a headset or a scenery, or just let us walk in the existing sceneries in VR?
  9. "Real" has different meanings for different people. For some, "real" means buttons and instruments look real, work real, and are mostly clickable. They can easily forget those buttons and instruments are on the flat screen. They can easily forget in real cockpit you never click those things with your mouse. For other people, "real" means more about the real sense of flight, including 3d depth of things inside and outside the cockpit, the realness of the landscape, etc. So we need different devices and different flight sims to satisfy those different needs. Well, if there were the sim to rule all sims...
  10. Wow that's something I have never seen in my life. They have never put up a discount as far as I remember.
  11. Here the list of cities that has realistic 3d buildings in Aerofly FS 2: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Tucson, San Diego, New York, and now Chicago.
  12. I had micro stutters in LOWI too. I turn off Super Sampling and it's butter smooth again. Meigs is less demanding, and I can run it smoothly with SS 1.6. My computer is 4790K@4.2, GTX 1080, everything maxed out.
  13. Great shots! I have made a comparison with Google Earth 3D. They are quite close:
  14. I captured one of each for comparison. They look really close, and Orbx Innsbruck is much more beautiful! Orbx Innsbruck for Aerofly: Google Earth 3D:
  15. I think the best strategy of OrbX is to let people get 2 versions of the same Orbx scenery for the price of one. You buy a P3D version and you get a FS2 version for free. You buy a FS2 version and you get a P3D version for free. This won't cut OrbX's profit, because the 2 groups of users don't overlap. In this way OrbX will get more profit from a long run, because it will encourage P3D users to buy FS2, and FS2 users to buy P3D, and the growing user base will bring more buyers of OrbX. This is a win win win win scenario: P3D wins, FS2 wins, OrbX wins, and simmers win.
  16. Good saying. The biggest problem of flight simulation is not too many products, but too few of them! We have so limited choices. The relatively smaller user base is no argument for no more than 5 major titles, 3 of which are actually from the same family. Flight simmers have different needs which cannot be satisfied by a single product. For me photoreal scenery is the must. Of course others can prefer generic ground texture. So why can't we just co-exist.
  17. Thank you John for sharing your great vision with us! I am particularly interested in the "full-fat region in photoreal" you mentioned for the further future. I have always dreamed about OrbX autogens on top of large areas of OrbX photoreal scenery as large as PNW. So my question is: Will these "full-fat region in photoreal" be also available for FSX/P3D?
  18. I have lived in Chicago for 6 months and I am all tears. I will buy every Orbx scenery for Aerofly FS 2 from now on. Compared with other major titles in the flight simulation areas, Aerofly FS 2 is a new comer, a small, constraint, and reticent player, with much less recognition. But Orbx will change the situation.
  19. I think Aerofly FS 2 is on the right road. There has been a long dispute in the simulation world: Quantity or quality. FSX/P3D/XP have the whole world, but generic scenery out of the box. Aerofly has only a few region, but very high detailed. Which is better? Which one to choose? All are right. FSX/P3D/XP are right to give a backbone for the 3rd party developer to fill in the blanks. IPACS is right to give a few seclected high quality region to start with, and then expand them gradually, which is especially a good strategy for a small team with limited resources and recognition. There has also been a dispute over generic or photoreal scenery. I think the answer is now more clear: photoreal wins, especially with 3d photo real buildings as seen in the Aerosoft NY DLC. Generic scenery is the natural product of the old age when computing power is weak and harddisk capacity is small. When computing power grows and HD storage increases many folds, the taste has changed. Especially as Google Earth is rolling out more and more high detailed world in stunning 3D, people are more and more accustomed to photoreal scenery, and can't go back to the monotonous generic world of the past. I have stronger sense of this change as I was playing FSW last night. It just looks so...FSX, the land, the buildings, the moutains...they all look so artificial. I am spoiled by Aerofly, and I simply can't go back. I think the ultimate future of flight simulation is to fly in the world of Google Earth 3D VR, but that will take time even though the data and infrastructure are already there. Before we reach that goal, we can have something between, and that is the road Aerofly FS 2 is going. Of course photoreal scenery is not enough. We need more autogens and better trees on top of that, but that is not unrealistic to achieve. And the cooperation with ORBX combines the best of both.
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