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  1. Hi Sniper31, could you tell me how to designate a temp drive for FTX Central? I am in panic now as I find out the drive that FTX Central installed has not enough space for TrueEarth.
  2. Yes the first two in this topic. Especially the row of houses around the green ground on the left.
  3. Actually I feel Jaroen’s first pic is quite close to the real thing. Look at the left and right side. Not to mention that it’s much more beautiful than Google Earth.
  4. I have no problem downloading 77GB or 770GB. I am just curious why it's 77GB for such an area. Calculating from the existing similar scenery, 1m photoreal texture for such an area can be around 20GB, and the vegetation with custom material could be much smaller.
  5. I sincerely wish you had a 1000 people team to do the whole earth in this way in one year.
  6. Dear Orbx: you have played a major role in keeping Microsoft's great flight simulator heritage alive after it's abandoned by Microsoft itself. Now you are leading the whole business into the next generation. My salutation!
  7. Looks great! I have a question. Is FTX HD Trees still needed with the coming of TrueEarth scenery? If so, how about the X-plane and Aerofly FS 2 version which has no FTX HD Trees?
  8. I especially like the outlook of the trees and how they are formed densely as in real life. The default trees in any sim are just too evenly and sparsely located to look real.
  9. Thank you Jarrad for the information. Actually I don't care much about the size myself. I can happily accept 30GB for Netherlands and 100GB for UK, as long as they are the quality as shown in your preview. I bring this topic up because I love your new photoreal direction so much that I wish it more and more, and I see other people worrying about the size, and the possible lack of seasonal change for large areas because of it, thus I offer some possibilities. Ryan's suggestion of separate seasonal download through FTX Central certainly looks interesting. More possibility should always be better, and the discussion can make our time of waiting less difficult.
  10. It's not difficult to calculate the size of the photoreal scenery. Orbx Innsbruck LOWI is 3.13gb download for an area of 2500km. Germany Central photoreal (only the central area of Germany) from another party is 28gb. And it's just one season. It's easy to do the math. The size of the photoreal texture is constant, and there is no magic, but we can find a balance between size and quality.
  11. We know Netherlands have 5 seasons, but it's 85,000 km2. Germany is 357,376km, and we'd love to see UK, France, Norway, or even US and Australia. We love your scenery so much that we really care about its future. It would not be meaningless to have some discussion about it.
  12. Good idea. Orbx can even sell the different seasons separately. This goes well with the current "on demand" commercial mode. Download time wouldn't be much a problem as the bandwidth is growing year by year.
  13. Now Orbx is bringing photoreal to the next generation, there naturally arises the problem of seasonal change and file size. I can live happily with just one season, but I understand many people hate to see exuberant green everywhere in winter. It would also be hard to imagine the whole of Germany coming with 4 sets of season, which would explode our hard disk pretty soon, and decrease the acceptance of the beautiful photoreal. So I'd suggest a compromise: why not just make two seasons, summer (or spring) and winter. It won't be that big, and it can be accepted by all. Surely people wouldn't mind seeing green in spring, summer, and autumn?
  14. I have just jumped ship to XP11. I have P3D V4 and Aerofly FS 2. XP11 has better image and framerate than P3D, and better functionality than Aerofly FS 2. It's a good balance between the two others.
  15. Luckily/unluckily I have all the sims: P3D, Xplane, Aerofly FS 2. I wish there would be a "buy two and you will get the third" policy.
  16. For me, one season is enough, but I can understand why some people insist on all seasons. Now can we have a compromise. Will 2 seasons be enough if all seasons will be too much work and disk space? It's Winter now, it will indeed be very frustrating if I see a green world outside the cockpit. But it would be much acceptable if I look at the Summer scenery in Spring or Autumn. So if Winter is for Winter, and Summer is for Summer, Spring, and Autumn, will it be OK?
  17. Your mentioning of Earth Simulations brought tears in my eyes. I bought their Alderney Island photoreal scenery many years ago. It's just a very small island, but I think it's still the most beautiful scenery for any flight simulation so far. Excuse me for praising another developer in this forum, but they were out of business several years ago. Well just after Earth Simulation closed down, I saw their last product. It's Scotland photoreal. It's 50cm photoreal scenery with exact placement of all the buildings and trees of Scotland. It's over a 100 GB, and perhaps costs over a $100, and I'd buy it for much more, but sadly I have nowhere to use my money. It's gone. It's not sold any more. Very limited lucky guys got it before the company was down, and sometimes I can see them discussing how to make it work under P3D. I suggest you search for some videos of the scenery of Earth Simulation on Youtube, and you would understand why I believe photoreal scenery is the future. Now I really wish ORBX can revive a dream of mine that is lost.
  18. I completely agree with you. Generic landclass does not make true VFR flying. It's repetitive. It gives you a sense of falseness, and it bores you quickly. Boredom comes from repetition. Photoreal scenery can have many flaws, but it has one advantage that can make up for all: true variety. There is never a single frame that's the same as the other, and you know that's for real. The beauty of nature comes from its variety and uniqueness.
  19. I absolutely support Germany Photoreal, and everything photoreal. This is not just out of personal preference, but my observation of the technology as well. I know photoreal has existed since many years ago, and many people are not very keen on it. But the situation has changed. The time of photoreal is more suited for today, and for the future: 1. Photoreal used to be flat, or just some misplaced autogens, but this has greatly changed. The growing GIS information and OpenStreetMap database can now add millions of 3D objects accurately and automatically. This is also where Orbx excels and truly shines. 2. Photoreal resolution used to be confined by HD storage. We used to think several GB massive and hard accept, but this has now greatly changed, thanks to the dropping of hard disk price , the growing storage capacity, and the fast broadband speed today. I'd happy to download a 100GB Germany photoreal, in less than 1 hours. 3. The taste has changed. We are treated to high resolution images, videos, and VR. We long for the real thing more than ever. When I am using Google Earth VR every day, I can no longer go back to the false generic map any more. 4. Ultimately I think the future of the scenery of flight simulation is something like Google Earth VR, with much higher resolution. Everything is made with 3D scan, or 3D photogrammetry of the real world, but that might be more than 10 years away. Photoreal plus 3D cultivation with exact GIS information will be the more realistic for now, and would be grafted seamless to the future.
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