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  1. I can answer for them: No.
  2. I remember in the past there are new sceneries coming every week. This site, especially the preview subforum is such a joy to browse, full of expectation and pleasant surprise. Now the pace of development seems to be much slower. Why? Is it more difficult to develop things for MSFS, or are there any other reasons?
  3. Of course I mean Sydney. Some progress report would be comforting.
  4. I really like Himalaya mesh. It fulfilled my long time wish for better mesh of this area. Yet it created another pity: now that It has already covered most part of China, then why not extend to the east just a little bit further to cover it all? We can see from the coverage map it's just one grid away from the east coast of China, which is the most economically developed, and there are some most scenically appealing mountains as well, including Huang Shan (MT Huang) and Lu Shan (MT Lu). Even Shanghai has 18 hills in the suburbs, and they look like tiny mess in the default MSFS sceney. Would you consider adding it in the future update? Oh please! I have attached the Google map and the coverage region for comparison.
  5. I bought and installed Sydney Landmark from Orbx. It looks it needs to be bought from Microsoft Marketplace for it to be installed on Xbox. Will Orbx make it a cross buy so that we don't need to buy it twice? Please!
  6. Thanks. I used to use the hat switch as trim, but I didn’t know it is meant to.
  7. What do you mean by "trim hat"? Do you mean the 8 direction hat switch on X52 Pro?
  8. I had a fear that TrueEarth series would die out with the coming of MSFS. I am so relieved it is not the case.
  9. I mistake the title for Orbx & PIlot’s FS GLOBAL ULTIMATE - MSFS 2020, and my heart beats violently. Oh I must have lost my mind longing for a better mesh for MSFS so much!
  10. I'd love to see Oxbx TE England for MSFS, but I think technically that might be very difficult even if Orbx is willing to do it. Think of the difference in data and file structure. A very small area or some landmarks are easier to do, but the coverage as big as England...I don't hold much hope.
  11. Not much impact, according to my experience with FS Global Ultimate terrain mesh.
  12. I whole-heartedly agree with the suggestions above. Terrain mesh is one of the biggest sore of the otherwise great MSFS. Orbx could show its true brilliance with the problem solved.
  13. I want all my previously purchased Orbx products converted for MSFS, now! I’d like to pay for them, at 50% discount of course. And many new future products, many many more!
  14. The problem of the MSFS trees is that they look like mushrooms when viewed from atop. Down to land level and they are OK. Orbx trees are much better from either view.
  15. Please allow me to ask a burning question: is it technically possible to bring the TrueEarth series to MSFS? I really want this to happen as it's so much more polished than the inconsistant photogrammetry sceneies of the MSFS. There will also be many people flying in offline mode, and a MSFS version of TrueEarth would make their experience the same of even better than the cloud mode.
  16. Are you going to buy an iPhone 12 if you already have an iPhone 5? And yes, I am eagerly looking forward to TrueEarth Italy.
  17. The last missing piece. It must be done. And yes, it depends on how P3D lives.
  18. The King has arrived...returned. Bow to the king and serve him well, and all will live happily hereafter.
  19. That’s what I was thinking when I watched the video yesterday. There will likely be 80 airports of Orbx quality at launch, but it will leave 29000 airports waiting to be enhanced. And I am sure peopled will want them enhanced if spoiled by the 80 select airports. That’s human nature. There will also be a lot of scenery of low quality. Just have a look at Bing map and you will know that. The otherwise beauty of FS2020 will make these low and inconsistent scenery even more prominent and unbearable. All this will create more opportunity for Orbx. People always wants enhancements, and 3rd party will live. Of course there will more challenge ahead. People will be accustomed to be given a world of ortho and hundreds of 3d photogrammetry regions as default, and they will be less willing to pay premium price for a single airport and a small region. So business model will change. People will expect to get better and bigger enhanced region at lower price than before.
  20. Original post from Avsim: "Apparently John Venema of Orbx is currently listed as a 3rd Party dev and is assigned to a 3rd Party Developers Group with a few others on MSFS forum. He also has access to Tech Alpha 1. Quite interesting as they havent made any official announcement yet." https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/568138-john-venema-listed-as-3rd-party-dev/
  21. At first I thought the new MSFS will make 3rd party developers live harder. As more informations are revealed, I see more possibilities. 1. Airports. This is very obvious and it has been discussed a lot. This is where orbx truly shines. 2. Regional sceneries. As beautiful as US and some parts of Europe may look, a greater part of the world is cursed with terrible satellite imagery. In fact, the prettier US and EU look, the uglier the rest parts of the world will be, and the greater the demand of 3rd party DLC for enhancement will arise. I am imagining enhancement in many directions that crys for 3rd party developers. A next generation of vector and openlc for the new MSFS? 3. Trees. The photogrammetry trees may look pretty from 10000 feet, but it will be quite messy within 3000 feet, and definitely an eyesore under 1000 feet. AI can do the conversion and improve the look, but it will still leave a lot of errors, which has already been shown from the preview. This is also the strong area of orbx. Orbx might lost some need for previous products, but new need will arise. Considering the new MSFS will greatly boost the user base of flight simulation, the gain will be more than the loss, if orbx can adapt properly.
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