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  1. She's an absolute beauty Wayne and you won't regret getting her. Had the day off today (no kids, no wife) and did a couple of trips round Europe. Happy days...
  2. Take the dog out for a late night wee. Across the road and in to a wood. On a clear night, the sky, the stars, the hugeness of it all. Makes me realise how little everything is in comparison to what’s out there…. And if the moon is up I give a wink to Neil too.
  3. He was the scourge of my team (England) but what a wizard. Toward the end of his career I remember watching him play a game miked up. He was chatting to the commentators (I think Gilchrist was one) and said, “I’ll have him out 5th ball” as he came in to bowl. He then went on to say what would happen ball by ball and what the batsman would do. He was right, 5th ball and batsman out exactly as he said. He wasn’t just a great spin bowler but he could read the game and the players better than anyone. Best captain Australia never had and an equally awesome commentator - what a star. RIP
  4. A mate sent me this yesterday - stupid but made me laugh.
  5. Hi Anna, Thanks for this update which shares an exciting future. May I ask, will there be more Throwback Thursday releases? thanks!
  6. Great achievement by this young lady: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-59899980
  7. Yes, you need to buy them again but you do get a discount from Orbx if you own a product for another platform. It’s still worth the jump in my humble opinion…
  8. Utter nonsense…. I asked if any Throwback airports would be coming along because I want to enjoy as much of the Orbx catalog in MSFS as possible. I didn’t ask for free or cheap, I’m interested in Orbx releases for MSFS and if the Throwbacks are a way to get more of them then I’m good with that. No complaints here except for having to read your baffle. Perhaps part of the reason why “this whole d**n website is getting harder and harder to want to visit anymore”.
  9. Are there any more Throwbacks coming Ed?
  10. KHQM Bowerman and it was free! I long for that to come to MSFS (here's hoping). Spent many a flight hopping over to 7S3 Starks Twin Oaks and WA79 Walter Sutton's and frankly all of those lovely little airfields in Pacific Northwest. But I always seemed to return to Bowerman time after time.
  11. Running the NYC marathon a few years back, knackered and not really enjoying it. Rounded a corner and there’s a bloke in full on DJ mode in the middle of the road playing Give it Up by KC and The Sunshine Band. Gave me a right old lift and I had it ringing in my ears for the last ten miles.
  12. I’m gonna be greedy and plump for KBVS Skagit and also 7S3 Starks Twin Oaks too. And maybe Friday Harbour… and if Orbx want to release them this weekend then even bigger thumbs up!!!
  13. Khqm Bowerman and Wa79 Walter Sutton’s. I mean loads more but if those two could be done then big thumbs up!!!
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