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  1. Hi Pyreegue, Hope you are well. I am not sure if I am mis-remembering, but is Aberdeen (EGPD) still on your roadmap? I seem to recall it being on there earlier in the year but now see no reference. It used to be my ‘home’ airport (I used to live just off the end of the runway!) so have a bit of a personal attachment to it and I know that there is no really good scenery for it within MSFS so would be lovely to have it in sim! Grateful for any info. Thanks, Matthew
  2. Thanks. It's sorted now. Library was showing as up to date within Central even when verifying the files but a manual check showed at a) the version installed was not the up-to-date version central said it was and b) uninstalling through Central was not removing the library properly and left some files over. Manual deletion of the library and then a fresh install through Central fixed it. Annoyed at myself that I didn't think of that before! Thanks so much for all of your help - much appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks again, Matthew
  3. Thanks, but afraid not. Log from latest attempt to load attached. Thanks, Matthew Log.txt
  4. Thanks for your reply. "scenery_packs.ini" attached. I re-enabled Global Airports to test as you will see from the Scenery_Packs.ini, however this did not change anything. The scenery still did not load in. It's not the tidiest Scenery Packs file in the world but I believe that the KEYW scenery should be in the correct order to load in properly. As for why it is disabled, it's a combination of a few things. Partially personal preference as I'm not a fan of flying into the gateway scenery so prefer to have it disabled entirely and secondly because a while back I had a couple of scenery conflict issues with sceneries downloaded from the org where the issue turned out to be some markings from Global Airports bleeding through despite being lower in the scenery_packs.ini file so I disabled Global Airports to sort the problem. Thanks, Matthew scenery_packs.ini
  5. I bought KEYW today which I wish to run in conjunction with TE Florida. I purchased, downloaded and installed through v4.1.8 of Orbx Central and am running X-Plane v11.41. Orbx Central installed v1.0.1 of KEYW. The install appears on the face of it to be fine (ie: no errors in Central) however when I try to load in to the scenery, it fails to load in at all. From looking through the log file (attached), it seems that the issue is an asset referenced within the scenery which can't be found. I've also attached a screenshot of how the airport looks in the sim at present. I have already tried the following in order to rectify: Adjusted scenery order in the .ini Verified files in Orbx Central Uninstalled and reinstalled scenery Uninstalled and reinstalled scenery with computer restart Manually editing the Earth Nav Data dsf file to remove the reference to the asset which cannot be located removes the error on load in but has not fixed the scenery Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks, Matthew Log.txt
  6. @jjaycee1 Thanks for your help. Much appreciated. Issue turned out to be the EGCC Mesh that was conflicting. Disabled that now and all is fine (though I do have some floating cars on my EGCC scenery!) Thanks again.
  7. Looking for some help please everyone. TE GB South is working perfectly fine but I cannot get TE GB Central to work properly. I will attach my scenery_packs.ini to this post. Default install location didn't work so I started to move about the location of TE Central within scenery_packs. If I move TE to the top, I obviously lose my addon airports (I've been testing at EGCC), but the minute I put TE below EGCC I lose all of TE Central in its entirety and only have autogen with the addon airport. When I tested at EGGP with the order in the post, I had no airport at all but had some (but I suspect not all) POIs in Liverpool. I should also say, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn't work either. Thanks in advance. scenery_packs.ini
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