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  1. Your KBUR v1.0 has no problem on autogen even though it has FPS problem. Why v1.0 is OK on autogen but v1.01 is not? What changes have been made? steve
  2. Who is the developer? Orbx should disqualify this developer because of making a non working product and ignoring customer’s questions. Is there a way the developer can talk to us directly in stead of sending the message through a third party?
  3. It seems the developer has ignored us on this product. I want a refund on it!
  4. Any update from the developer regarding to the missing autogen?
  5. I got a CDT on WSSS made by Cloudsurf after the recent WU4 ( Anyone else have similar experience? Steve
  6. After the recent WU4 ( WSSS made by Cloudsurf is CTD. Anyone have similar experience?
  7. Would you please make sure that the disappearing of photogrammetry buildings around KBUR has been reported too. Thank. Steve
  8. For Sydney city scenery, I can get FPS around 30 on my i9-9900K/RTX2080/32GB with 4K display in all places around Sydney except above or near Sydney Harbor Bridge. The FPS drops to around 10 there. Anyone has similar problem?
  9. I have the same problem (single digit FPS) with this particular Orbx airport for a month. People from Orbx need to work harder to fix this problem ASAP!
  10. After the updating of 1.9.30, I tried KBUR and found that it looks OK when you fly out from KBUR, but the FPS drops to single digit when you fly into the airport. Another observation is that if you change the weather during fly out from the airport, the FPS drops to 5. So I think the problem is still there without any improvement on the new update.
  11. We only have TE PNW for X-Plane 11, but not for P3D. Why this great add on is not built for X Plane 11?
  12. Is it possible to post some screenshots of Lake Tahoe area and Redding area? Thanks!
  13. They are great shots, but they still look a bit too brown on the green fields area just like the one in Stockton area. Did ORBX make any color correction on those green fields area? By the way, is there a chance to post some of the screen in Lake Tahoe and Redding area? Thanks! Steve
  14. I think TE Washington in P3D version has a way higher demand than TE GB Central & North. You guys should make TE Washington in higher priority and release it before making the TE GB Central&North. By the way I had a PC with CPU 7700HQ (2.8GHz/3.6GHz in turbo booth), Nvidia 1070, 32Gb memory, 1TB Samsung SSD. We I fly in TE GB south in P3D v4.3 around London area, the FPS is very low ( < 5 FPS). In other rural areas, it runs OK with FPS of 10 ~ 15. All the scenery settings are in MAX. Is this normal with such low FPS? What kind of PC can run smoothly (FPS ~ 25) in the center of London with MAX scenery setting? Thanks! Steve
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