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  1. I was an Alpha tester and I bought it because of Fear of missing out even though I was disappointed with the functionality of the sim from day 1 ( I accepted the bugs, these were never an issue in my judgement of the sim). I now basically use the drone function to sight see as before Covid I was in the top 1% of Frequent Flyers and I like to be an eagle and fly over the places where I have been and will never see again because of this Covid. To me it is just another version of Google Earth flight sim until it has what I want being helicopters and VR and hopefully a better flight model for helicopters than X Plane.
  2. Very true but hopefully they deliver in the next 6 months.
  3. I half agree with you but this is not 1983 nor 1993 nor 2003 nor 2013 it is 2020 and I expected a flight sim with at least an equivalent set of functions as FSX with a lot of FPS improvements not an early release title sold at full retail price with the promise of 10 years more development with reduced scope than FSX. Where does it say they have guaranteed free upgrades for 10 years, all they said is there is more to come for the next 10 years. I have understanding with the bugs and some of the less than polished functions but there is a swath of things missing from what I and others call a flight sim and are essential in a modern flight sim and running on more than 4 cores is essential and they failed on that too. It only utilizes my CPU slightly better than X Plane 11! Patience and understanding is for your children not for a a multi billion dollar software and market leading IT company, sorry but I don't adhere to this idea that we need to pay top dollar and be thankful for whatever we get . Microsoft over hyped this and could have taken another 3 months and gave us a few more bells and whistles and that would have made a lot more people impressed than this over promising and then under delivering strategy they adopted.
  4. Of course this developer is excited as it's a whole new income stream, "all the developers are excited" as that is what developers do, the develop and sell product but it does not always line up with the best interests of the consumer. All I see is that MSFS has been developed on DX 11 and when it goes to DX 12 the add ons will break and it will be another upgrade income stream cycle (not all developers do the upgrade charges) , but some things will never change .
  5. I have also seen reviews that say PCIEx 4 is not a game changer and that the improvement in real terms is hardly measurable and flight sims even the new MSFS are all CPU bound so faster Graphics PCI lanes are useless. I look at the new MSFS 2020 and it still is limited to no more than 4 cores and gets the most benefit from a high clock speed which is no different to X Plane 11 B or P3d V5 so I don't believe it means you have no choice than then AMD and in fact you could be worse off as the AMD CPU's certainly don't overclock as well as Intel CPI's.
  6. I love WA in the USA and WA in Australia and would like to see Jandakot and surrounding aerodromes cleaned up as it appears the taxi ways and runways are not even correct let alone the North American forrests!
  7. Nice photos but I am not buying London as there seems to be a lot of complaints about this add on due to it having less detail than the base and it's just a cheap n nasty port from P3D . Is this true?
  8. Well until they are here it's only speculation as to whether they will be worth the wait. I am hoping they will be Aerofly Fs2 quality rather than FSX quality when they do arrive but unless they arrive with a working VR implementation it may all be waiting for nothing. I am concerned that they will try to implement VR in DX 11 rather than Dx 12 and this will result in awful FPS like it used to be in X Plane pre Vulcan and P3d pre Dx12. It seems to me they have a huge amount of work to do and I suspect helicopters and VR will be much longer off than suggested though I did preorder the G2 even before MSFS announced the tie in so I will be ready.
  9. Alas if only we had a helicopter to fully enjoy this new world.
  10. Great shots but the important dramatic difference is that in X Plane 11 Beta you can fly in using VR in a helicopter or even the space shuttle but you can't do that in MSFS 2020 no matter how pretty the sunset is
  11. Well so many people were claiming that MSFS was going to mean you did not need add on scenery, but here we are back where we started .
  12. I am also somewhat cynical about the long term survival for this franchise based on the FSX and MS Flight experience. I am going to hang back and see how well it's received while they deliver VR and helicopter to the sim some time in the near future, I'll jump in then. The problem potentially as I see it is that MS does this soley to make money and their is no real passion for flight simming, which MS unlike say X Plane, which only does flight sims or an Aviation based Company Like Lockheed Martin, that does P3D or the IPACs guys with Aerofly, there is no passion at the "corporate" level, so if it doesn't fly high it may end up in the discount bin like FSX Gold. Time will tell. Now this is not a criticism of Asobo they obviously have the passion but they are no different to the Aces Studio , they will fly or they will be binned. This is not to say Orbx are not passionate either because clearly they also have a deep interest in flight simming as well as a business and in many ways they have kept the genre alive during the lean years with their wonderful add-ons, This is a good opportunity for Orbx to develop more content and I hope some of that spills over into the other sims and it doesn't just become focused on DLC selling to X Boxers, not much I can do about it than wait and see.
  13. Hi Paul, I notice you have a helicopter as your picture and that you are new but do you realise MSFS 2020 has no helicopters? If you are chasing helicopters then I suggest Aerofly Fs2 and Orbx have a few nice add ons for Aerofly.
  14. I still fly there and it's unrecognisable, very sad.
  15. Ahh the old Jandakot before all the bushland was trashed for factory units.
  16. The only way I will buy MSFS without VR or a helicopter is if Jarrad puts Jandakot (YPJT) into the MSFS 2020 system, then I would have to buy in. I fly out of that airport and it's a work of art what he did.
  17. I have to say I won't be buying into this franchise until they meet the deliverables they have promised later on this year so I am going to sit back for a while and see what happens. I am not sure buying from steam is such a good idea after my DCS experience as I found that I missed out on Beta versions and a lot of content could not transfer from the DCS marketplace to Steam. I am not convinced you should not buy it from MS store to avoid these sorts of issues.
  18. Are they not just ported over versions from existing scenery for existing sims, so what's new other than a fee to pay for another of the same product? I have actually bought in some cases these airports three times, P3d, Aerofly and XPlane 11.
  19. My experience with DCS was that while they all ( DCS and Steam) started off as friends but there is now some incompatibility between DCS DLC addons purchased through steam and those purchased through the DCS marketplace and I got a little burned there so I would wait and see how it will all actually work .
  20. Absolutely not as there is no compatibility as this is a new sim, furthermore this is a new money tree for MS and I am not that confident until release that you will be able to do add ons outside their partner market places. On a side note with DCS there is incompatibility between DCS DLC addons purchased through steam and those purchased through the DCS marketplace and I got a little burned there so I would wait and see how it will all actually work.
  21. Will the x platform discounts be permanent or just an opening special? I won't be buying into this new franchise until it has Vr and helicopters and few other functions so I won't be joining this franchise until they deliver what is being promised. I can't see a lot of difference in these screenshots from the other quality Orbx products already for the other sims. I thought this MSFS was going to be a lot better in terms of what the world looks like but I can't see anything more than a marginal improvement on the graphics from p3D v5.
  22. I wonder what the point is of using NVME M2 v SSD through SATA as when the sim is loading I notice in both P3D and XPlane 11 that all the threads pretty much max out while its loading and it appears to me that this constrains the data speed from the hard drives. I can't seem to get any difference in laoding times for a $750 NVME gaming M2 and a cheaper $250 SSD Sata drive. I am convinced there is no difference due to CPU constraints. Does anyone want to comment or have a view?
  23. I am speculating MSFS 2020 will be a mixture of the concept of the Microsoft Flight bellyflop and with more focus on what the old FSX offered flight simmers . This is an attempt to keep the core simmers involved so we don't loose that community of developers and add on environment that was so great in FSX ( and P3D) , so I am hoping they learnt from Flight. This is all going to be a very eye opening day when this releases as to whether releasing a more narrow functionality FSX will keep everyone happy and whether it turns into a non simming franchise. It's all very exciting now as we will probably win either way as it will be the best sim ever for everyone ( which at the moment it misses out a few of us into VR , helis , fast jets and gliders) or it has done its work already by dragging X plane and p3d into this new era....
  24. What I am learning is there are two camps, those with blind faith in MS and their ability to deliver a groundbreaking sim and those like me that won't accept it until it's in our hands. I don't think there is any middle ground but I note that both groups like to speculate to support their own position as it's s very easy to become one eyed when it comes to your own viewpoint.
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