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  1. I have installed FS2020 on my pc but i am not getting on with it at all, so i reinstalled P3D but when i try to download the scenery via Orbx Central it only shows me the FS2020 products, how can i see what i have already purchased for P3D?.
  2. As you can see from the photo my EMA is displaying correct, i have uninstalled and reinstalled every Orbx i have and still the problem is there. Can anyone help. Many thanks Mark,
  3. Hi Guys, I am trying to reinstall my open lc europe software but it keeps saying there is not enough space on the drive, i have way more than it needs. Thanks Mark.
  4. Hi, for some reason that i cant think of my scenery has stopped working, when at an airport before departure all the scenery is fin but once in the air its clear that the scenery has loaded around the airport but no where else, any help would be grateful.
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