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  1. I previously bought from MILVIZ Store the Turbo Otter. When I did, I installed XMLTools64, RealLight and True Glass. Now that I saw those options in OC I installed them there. Was that a bad thing to do? Do I now have multiple installations?
  2. I'd still like to know if there should be any difference if I don't activate ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 & 2 and ORBX!OPENLCz_BASE and ORBX!VECTOR sceneries if I am flying strictly in SOCAL with FTX_NA_SC... sceneries active. I still get 4 to 5 sec pauses a couple of times a flight when all are active especially at dusk to night when all are active.
  3. Should there be any difference if the region has the landclass, mesh and vector data and the global stuff is below the region in the library? I didn’t see any apparent difference but I also didn’t see much difference in the pauses or popping.
  4. Thanks Nick! I also get several second stutters, in the SOCAL area (around LA, but I don't have a specific LAX scenery). I do have other add on's like LVFR KSNA, though. I disable (through P4AO) sceneries outside of where I'm flying since rumor has it ORBX does something with those sceneries that could cause stutters. Not sure that's true tho. I also would like to get rid of some of the "black" buildings in the distance until they render and some autogen "popping" so I'm looking to free up CPU cycles. I'll try the disabling BASE, VECTOR and openLC when I'm flying in the regions.
  5. I have a LOT of ORBX stuff. When I fly in a region I disable the other regions & airports outside of my area. But I still have some performance issues I want to optimize. So my question is, if I have: Global BASE Pack, VECTOR, openLC North America & TreesHD, AND NA Southern California, and several airports, 1. Do I need all the products together or does NA Socal have features that overlap with underlying products? 2. What features should I start turning off in BASE, VECTOR or openLC that will improve performance without sacrificing too much in the visual since I have NA Socal? I have P3Dv4.5HF2 settings pretty much as ORBX recommends in the multiple User Guides. I have a pretty powerful PC: I9 9900K @5.0GHz, GTX1080Ti, 32GB 3200 RAM, 1TB nvMe SSD etc Thanks, Bruce
  6. @Doug Sawatzky That's what it took, thanks! I downloaded and installed SODE. Where can I find a list of ORBX sceneries that have SODE animations? The ORBX SODE_Data folder has entries for SBA, GPI and TURBULENT. Does PSP? I'm wondering if I now need to reinstall and sceneries from FTXCentral to get SODE entries completed. I believe I found my answer on the ORBX site. It lists 7 airports. Thanks again!
  7. Yes & the simobjects folder seems to have all the model folders & texture etc I recently had a major problem with my P3D folder getting wiped by another product. I reinstalled ORBX products by verifying files. Should I completely uninstall FTXC3 and reinstall all products? hating that thought...
  8. yes simobjects & xml folders ORBX_KSBA.xml SODE_KGPI_GP.xml SODE_KGPI_Jetways.xml
  9. No change. Just verified files on Libraries (and previously did that for most other installed ORBX FTX products. Using FTX Central v3.3.6.0 I also (before posting) uninstalled KSBA and re-installed thinking SODE would be activated with that product. No joy...
  10. @Doug Sawatzky Hi Doug. I just recently installed KGPI and I'm have the same weird surface texture issues. I checked SODE mgr and I get SODE not registered. I'm on P3D4.5 (not the Hotfix yet) and I always fly GA airplanes from ramps so maybe that's why I never noticed SODE not active. How do I activate? Pressing the Register! button doesn't do anything. I did find a SODE_InstallLog.log but I don't know what it's telling me. Is SODE an ORBX thing or a P3D thing? I have a ton of ORBX stuff... Thanks for any help. Bruce EDIT: BTW, I didn't use Aero.Sors (or any other navdata updater) and I turned OFF the APX17140.bgl with no change.
  11. Apparently this isn't the correct forum for payware issues but in any event I found a solution at this topic. Not sure why it works but selecting hold short wig-wags functioning both day & night in the KPSP control panel fixes the crashes at night and doesn't create any issues in daytime. go figure...
  12. I've discovered that at night approaching 31L from taxiway A from the east side every time i try to taxi into position on the runway P3Dv4.1 detects a crash. I've tried in the daytime and no crash, and no crash on other runway entry points with hold short lights just 31L at A. It sure appears that the scenery for the flashing hold short lights at that position are creating an obstacle that P3D detects as a crash into a structure. Is there a file I can modify to fix this? I can deselect the Detect Crashes in the Realism settings but I'd rather not. This occurred to me while attempting to take off while on an ATC network.
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