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  1.  It seems that the ORBX fps loss is constant as it was and the issue comes from the P3D itself (at least from the measurements done by Rob). On my side, as I was with fps locked at 30 and I deactivated the ORBX Germany, the fps clearly went up from 16 fps to 30fps. So I could not see the default fps loss.  Anyway, the ORBX fps loss is still considerable too (around 15fps..), perhaps they can also improve it. But in the end, the initial drop comes from LM it seems. Lets see what will come up from LM and ORBX on this.
  2. 4.5, at EDDH in the cockpit of A319 from FSLabs, 16 fps. Unchecked in the scenery menu all 4 checks of FTX Germany North and then 30fps and smoothness. So from my point of view is something related to FTX GEN and 4.5. Of course a drop I had also before in 4.3 and in 4.4 with GES and GEN but fps was still in the 25-30 fps area, now it is not flyable.
  3. I will follow also this as with the ORBX Germany (North, South it does not matter) I have at least 8-10 fps loss, and as you, when I deactivate them from the scenery (and the FTX Global and openLC Europe remain), frames are getting back to normal. And to have more input for the developers, my system is: i9 7900X (core 0 @4.6Ghz, other @4.4Ghz) Asus X299 Prime Deluxe EVGA 1080TI FTW3, latest driver RAM DDR4 32 GB@3200MHz GSkill quad channel P3D v4, Win 10 Pro Samsung 850 Evo for the P3D and Samsung 840 Pro in Raid for Windows. 4K resolution, 30Hz set for the monitor (I always have smooth 30 fps but with ORBX Germany drops to 22 fps..average) It does not matter if I test at an airport add-on or at a default airport, is the same fps loss.
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