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  1. What was hot...the weather? The Red Dress? Both? Great shots, enjoyed them.
  2. Thanks everyone...yeah, as they say, the $300.00 burger...but at least my wife only wanted a coffee and Danish. I was lucky this time! Coming into land, I was pretty much crabbed and starboard wing down, until I kicked it, and touched down. It was a very immersive and 'hand's on' landing! Great fun, and education regarding control. ASP3D was just great for this injection.
  3. Coming in for a landing...wicked cross wind!
  4. Thanks Gents! I fly mostly Amphibians, but still take the tubes up to stretch my legs. The two grabs were taken at FL300.
  5. Sorry to read that, and unfortunately, out of tips regarding a solution...
  6. Yours seemed admonishing toward me, just sayin'...but yes...you expressed your opinion, regarding mine, ...lol!
  7. That was a great response and tip, Nick..a lifesaver for the patron. Cheers!
  8. Use VERIFY Files in Orbx Central, for all your v5.x titles, and then use under HELP, to SYNCRONIZE the flight sim. Then, you should be good to go....
  9. "Honestly, before v5.2 and v5.2 HF1 was released...well, er....I thought so too. In MSFS, I had no morphing to spray paint of the cloud scenery, and quite frankly, I stopped all usage of my P3D v4.5 and v5.1 because on my system, 5 minutes into a flight...it became (as I like to call it...) scenery spray painted below me. Not Orbx's fault in any way,...and I clearly (if you excuse the pun) see that now...for many flight sims version back...FSX, and all the prior P3D's. On my system, at the level of detail I required to enjoy the virtual experience, it was flying over spray paint. v5.2 and v5.2HF1 were a mind-blowing revelation...and caught me TOTALLY off-guard. I mean, literally, if it could, my jaw would have dropped to thud down upon the computer desk top. From the very first running, EVERYTHING stayed crisp, roads fully formed, never to become a grey blur jag...and I'd swear there were pools and BBQ's in the back yards of some of Orbx's scenery asset content. In fact, I have seen things that I have NEVER seen before (from Orbx) in the PNW region. I still can say, that some shots are so breath takingly 'real' to my eyes, like granite and basalt rock faces, cliffs, ground clutter, trees, that I think (again, only a personal opinion) totally eclipses even MSFS's cloud assets. I could never imagine myself typing that. I had always thought that any 'synthetic' art asset for ground terrain, homes, this, that, would always be second place, and 'it is ,..what it is...' in nature. Now?!?!?!? Breath taking realism is coming from that very Orbx synthetic world...and again, not to gag anybody, but with such clarity, fully formed at even 140 knots of speed towards the on coming scenery, and I mean...SCENRY...all sliders at 100 percent....that I still can not fathom what L.M DID...between the step jump from v5.1 to v 5.2 (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???) and how come, this 'version reveal' was not seen in v5.x ?!?!?!? WHAT DID THEY DO, IN THE CODING?????????????? Loving it, even without my 'need to know'...being satisfied. Right now, (and I fly all of them)---> P3D, MSFS, XP11, P3D is my 'go to' sim of personal choice...and that is not dissing the other two. It merely is that P3D v5.2HF is so satisfying my 'hit list' of what I need, and what I want, and the performance given on my present system. Such a great surprise and 'gift' from L.M. Final comment....P3D is CERTANLY not dead on my system, and that means that if Orbx still will support it with new and of 'personal interest' releases, like for instance Canadian/USA East Coast regionals...they indeed will be supported by my purchasing of them. For sure! Orbx..did you just read that? My C.C. is ready for the East Coast Regionals from Nova Scotia, right down to the State of Atlanta. I already have T.E. Florida.... Get crackin'.... "
  10. Still Crickets from anybody from Orbx.... Can I please get a yes or no, regarding a porting over to P3D v5.2 HF1? It would be appreciated, just to know to expect this, or be done with asking. Thanks.
  11. From a lot of reading of what present system owners, might or might not do, when it is released, I feel that there are very many present system owners (that can't run XP11 because lack of the Security Chip onboard their present M.B., and have no intention (as I...) of going out to update a perfectly running system under a W10 M.B. merely to acquire it. Therefore, I predict that when M.S. sees the very low adoption rate/uptake (if that,...of course..) but if they do, that they will create a version of W11, that can run on current W10 systems, to swell the adoption rate. Nobody really knows from a flight simulation 'interest' , if in fact anything that comes with W11, will very much ramp up the experience. That alone, would be a factor for low adoption amongst our crowd. We'll all have to wait and see, but if they do come out after-the-fact with a version that WILL update without the present conditions for such, I'll bite then. Personally, they want to push you to that Security Chip...but, we'll see how many actually adopt W11 under that requirement, that do NOT have the chip, or can not install the chip even if wanting to do so, on their present system, that runs their flight sims just fine.
  12. You took great screen grabs that go further to show off just how different and amazing P3D v5.2 HF1 truly is. I still have no clue as to how L.M. pulled this off as a 'step up version number, and not as a major rewrite of such as putting out P3D 6.x. So...why could they not have released THIS version as the R.T.M. v5.x?!?!? I just smile over stuff like that...and I'm sure others do as well, if they even think along those lines...
  13. Looks really nice, Bull. The elements, road, shoreline, rock faces, are well formed and no past version(s) blurriness. Good go! Seems like you, myself and many others around the world are taking a renewed interest and more than casual re-use (their flight simming time) of the P3D franchise. I know that I certainly am. I fly it every day...
  14. My mostly exclusive usage of P3D v5.2 HF1 pretty much aligns with your feelings...
  15. I think (current P3D platform) is a very serious challenger to MSFS as being perceived as the Top of the Heap. This clearly taught me a lesson...to not count P3D or even XP11, as down on the boxing ring mat, and the 'count' being taken over them. Not any more! This 'Boxing Match' ain't over with MSFS's debut, and I have P3D v5.2 HF1 visuals on my hard drive to prove that...:)
  16. CityScene Charleston, S.C....now only for P3D v4.x Only the sound of crickets as to a proper porting over to run in v5.2...and my actual question in the support section for P3D has been unanswered. Orbx...will this product be ported over for use in P3D v5.2? O.F.
  17. Keep the v5.2 homefires burning! Great shots...and glad to read your great in-sim performance!
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