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  1. Dissable Enhanced atmospherics . Pixelated edges around trees and buildings, against clouds or background terrain, when Enhanced Atmospherics is active (note that LM note this feature as "Beta" and therefore still being improved upon)
  2. I just changed Orbx insertion point to top of scenery library and it solved. Must Orbx be at the top of scenery library?
  3. Hi all, I just checked Dubrovnik and I have strange issue with some trees floating in the sky. I must to say that I saw similar problem with Juneau (PAJN) before. What is wrong? Thanks
  4. Hi Matteo, Any news about update? Gregory
  5. Ahhh. No sir, Dynamic reflections are off in the sim.
  6. In the sim? of course. Otherwise I will not have lights on the PMDG aircrafts.
  7. Hi Matteo, I have much worse results. First picture: 8xMSAA - 12.7fps Second: 4XMSAA - 13.5fps Gregory
  8. Hi Matteo, For me it is a huge difference. My PC specs: 6700K oc to 4.4GHz, GTX 1080. P3D V4.2 I have no issues with DL with other developers add ons such as: FlyTampa, FlightBeam, Aersoft, but KSAN is not usable for me after update. I get ~45 FPS on day and ~14 FPS on evening/ night.
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