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  1. Thank you B12 for your post. Yes I think I will stick to what I have. Plus yes I keep thinking I must sort out my pc specs. Thanks Derek.
  2. Thinking I could sell the Motherboard on EBay and just keep what I have. Thanks Derek.
  3. As above I have bought an Asus Tuf Pro Gaming H570 Motherboard but not sure what Cpu I should buy. I’ve looked at i7 and the i9 , though the i9 is about £200.00 more than the i7. Plus then again when I’m playing MSFS and I set it up right I’m getting about 35 to 40 frames with my old system especially now that I’ve got a 1080ti and I’m thinking why the hell did I bother. At the moment I’m just generally flying around certain areas. Any help would be appreciated. Plus I’m getting on in years. I will be 79 towards the end of the year and thinking do I want to spend that amount. Thanks Derek.
  4. Just had a look again and it covers Military use, Private Airports, Seaplane bases, Balloon bases, Microlights bases. You name it and it will be there. Derek.
  5. I have had for years a Program called AirNav.Com. I have it on my IPad but I believe you can have it on your Computer as well. It only covers American Airports but it covers all Airports in America even Seaplane bases. You can sort them by State, including Alaska with a photo of the Airport if there is one and a sectional map as well. Mine always had a not secure thing in front of it, but I have just downloaded it again and all is well. Enjoy. Thanks Derek.
  6. I had a check on the Internet and seems Milviz are doing one. A wheeled one at the moment but hopefully they will do a floatplane Version. Thanks Derek.
  7. Do not know if this has been asked before but here goes. I’m desperate for a DH Beaver float plane to show up for MSFS. I keep thinking of all the floatplane bases that I could visit. Anybody feel the same. Thanks Derek.
  8. Just bought myself an Asus TUF Gaming H570-PRO m/b. This the Rocket Lake one but can not decide what Cpu to go for. I was thinking either the i7 or an i9 but that is quite a bit dearer. Anybody any thoughts might help. Thanks Derek.
  9. Hi Guys. Have bought myself an H570 coffee Lake m/b to go with my 1080ti but unsure as to what Cpu to get. Thinking either an i9 or an i7. Would the i7 be ok as that would save me a bit of money at least. Thanks Derek.
  10. Hi harpsi. I have been in this situation as well a couple of years ago and and good old Nick Cooper put me onto the AOC brand. They are great and quite cheap for the price. I ended up buying a 28” 2K one and it’s fantastic. Plus they do a 4K one now. I’ve had mine at least a couple of years now and never had any trouble with it. Hope this helps. Thanks Derek.
  11. As I always check now for an update to Orbx Central I see there is another update but when I try to do the update it just keeps spinning and spinning and not doing anything. Thanks Derek.
  12. Hi Brad. Superb set of shots. I think now we finally have a definitive Flight Simulator. Thanks Derek.
  13. That’s if you can get hold one, the Throttle that is, in the UK they are as scarce as Rocking Horse Sh-t. Pardon my language. Plus yes he is very good at explaining things as I watch him a lot and I watch Gripper Sim and Hudison as well. We have the Yoke as my Son bought that early but the Throttle, well here as I have already said. We keep looking but no luck yet. Thanks Derek.
  14. What we need is a Bob, was that the name of him in FSX. I would definitely pay for him. Plus I agree it is nice to just be able to move around the small Airports. Thanks Derek.
  15. Thanks Brad for that. So the issue is known about. Thanks Derek.
  16. I wish Asobo would tell people if they think something strange might happen with the Sim. Thanks Derek.
  17. Hi bvdboomen. Tried both Airports that I bought just recently that was Elstree and Shoreham and they were both there in the Sim and ok. Thanks Derek.
  18. It seems I can uninstall all the items that are not installed. Should I try that and then reinstall said items. Thanks Derek.
  19. Plus I have 58gb space left on the hard drive. Thanks Derek.
  20. Just tried to run MSFS and also to buy something and nothing is happening. Just trying again well the sim loaded. But I have 43 items not installed it seems. Plus one of them is Shoreham Airport which I believe I bought and when I click on the I formation bar to the right it says it’s waiting and then does nothing. Plus all the items seems to have something to do with community. What’s going on. Thanks Derek.
  21. Hi Pete and renault. . Thank you so much for your conclusions. So better to wait awhile and see what happens. Mean I get quite good frames now, so not to bad. Thanks for your help both of you, I mean Scot and Pete. Derek.
  22. Hi Scott. Yes thanks for the info and yes I was thinking of upgrading with a new motherboard and Cpu. Like a Z490 is it and possibly an Intel I7 KF. Wether that would help or I’m not sure. Thanks anyway Derek.
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