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  1. True Earth is actually only at the mentioned airport in California (KBUR). But the regions of North and South Germany as well as Innsbruck do perform great as well! The difference between P3D v4 to v5 was tremendous.
  2. Perfect advise! Solved both of my problems at Malmö and Helgoland (see pictures). I actually did not have the objectflow on C: (Windows) but on D: (Orbx 250 GB SSD). Yet, as I just made myself a 4 TB SSD christmas present, I deleted the objectflow and installed it on the new F: Thank you so much! Actually I got this SSD for Orbx True Earth which is almost always at stable 32 fps even in complex sceneries like EDDH, KBUR or LOWI together with ActiveSky P3D. i9 9900K @5,1 GHz, 2080Ti 11 GB
  3. Thanks. Unfortunatelly this did not solve it for me. In the Orbx control panel the grass is set to on. I tried a couple of summer months but no grass. By the way, I do have the same issue in Helgoland (EDXH) where I cannot see grass and other stuff. Maybe this is related somehow.
  4. Just tried out Malmö, which is a beautyful piece of art. Yet I cannot see grass. Just plain greenish plots. Does anyone have an idea how I can fix it? I have already verified the files.
  5. Same issue here. Connection interupted every few seconds. Then download speed around 50 KB/s on a 100 Mbit ethernet connection....
  6. It is there now. Fsaerodate provides it with each AIRAC update. Just purchased it but question now is how to use it? Flying over Socal at night shows all runways already light up (at least if getting closer). Would appreciate some advise from Orbx
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I am currently trying to fix the problem with fsaerodata´s adjustelevation tool. Of course I am running into new issues with this as well.....(dragging FSDA_comms.BGL into adjustelevation.exe gives me a message: runways.xml is missing. Program will exit now......) Regarding frequencies there have been a lot of changes since. P3Dv5 is already totally outdated. Just one of many examples: EDDG ILS 07 - IMOE 111.75 is the correct frequency. P3Dv5 shows the outdated 111.90 There is a reason for new cycle every 28 days. This is very serious and a no go in IFR instruction. So if there will be no fix, Orbx needs to be removed and the sim will look like the oldfashioned AATDs and FNPTs.... Any help is appreciated. Michael
  8. Hi. Seems like I have either the choice of having correct airport elevations or correct navaids. When I prioritize fsaerodata by setting it on top of the P3D szenery folder it screws up my airports. Doing it the other way around I have wrong ILS and COM frequencies making it impossible to fly IFR with Foreflight and the F1tech G1000.... I do not want to deactivate the nice and expensive scenery, yet correct frequencies are definitely more important. Isn`t there any way to get the best out of both worlds?
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