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  1. As I said, this is near Alesund, Virga - ENAL This is all supposed to be water:
  2. Hi. I have a problem with FTX Norway: when switching to "Frozen surface" in FTX Central, all nearby water gets replaced with land textures (see screenshots, those are from Alesund). After opening Norway settings once again, both options ("Open water" and "Frozen surface") are inactive. I have the latest versions of FTX Central, FTX Global, FTX Norway, OpenLC EU, OpenLC NA and ORBX Libraries. I'm using P3Dv4.1 (latest version) and Windows 10 (also, latest version). This is almost clean P3D installation (except from ORBX stuff and a couple of aircrafts): no FS Global, no REX, no scenery, no airports, nothing. Season in P3D set to winter (December, 25). - I've tried to delete ORBX\User Documents\Versions\FTX_EU_NOR.TXT and re-downloading FTX Norway. - Files in ORBX\FTX_EU\FTX_EU_NOR_06_CVX\scenery gets renamed correctly (cvx_FTX_EU_NOR_water_XXX_winter.bgl and cvx_FTX_EU_NOR_water_XXX_summer.bgl.OFF). 195 files in total. - Migration troubleshooter says that everything is fine. - Tried "Force Migration" multiple times, doesn't help either. Any ideas?
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