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  1. After doing a clean install with P3D v4.3, I am seeing some weird canyons about 20 miles east of Portland, OR. I uninstalled and then reinstalled Vector, Base, openLC NA, and PNW, but still have the same issue. What could be the issue and how can I get it fixed? Thanks, Anirudh
  2. Wow! Eagerly waiting for this!! Now only if you could do Livermore Muni (KLVK) and Buchanan Field (KCCR), my life would be complete!!! Thanks much!
  3. Approaching the Livermore, CA airport...
  4. How do I get it off the runway? :-)
  5. My blue-hour flight was going great, almost dreamlike, nice landing too, until a stupid AI plane showed up on the runway. It refused to move until I moved out of it's way.
  6. What a beautiful, sunny day to fly!
  7. Wow! That's not a photograph? Amazing!!
  8. Beautiful! You're right, after OLC NA my FPS improved as well.
  9. Thank you all for the kind words! It's not hard at all and it's fun! All you need is DXTBmp texture tool and some image editor (I used Photoshop). You'll find some nice tutorials on YouTube.
  10. Wow! You must be quick!! Great looking shots!!!
  11. Just thought I'll take the Carenado Bonanza F33a for a spin after I completed my first repaint. The livery is a tribute to Carenado. Let me know what you all think!
  12. Totally agree! Thank you guys!
  13. Thank you for the kind words guys! Yes, ASN and REX4 TD with Soft Clouds. I think switching to DX10 has made a big difference in the AA smoothing. And of course, after installing openLC NA, FSX:SE seems to perform better, as if all pieces of the puzzle are in place now. Thank you ORBX, couldn't be happier!
  14. Awesome weather at Skagit! Is that a UFO? Or two? Oops! Did I make them go around?
  15. An evening flight into St. Louis, MO.
  16. This is an old video I made of a flight from Darrington to Orcas Island. Didn't get a chance to share it here before. Enjoy!
  17. Lone American 737 NGX at Meigs Field on a winter morning...
  18. Taking off from Skagit Regional on a rainy fall evening...
  19. Holger, I don't think it's the waterclass issue or anything related to REX. This is the result of latest Obrxlibs not getting installed correctly / causing texture issues. I have had the exact same issues. Look at the screenshot below of KHQM -- there is supposed to be water next to the airport, but it has become land/forest!
  20. Recently after running into migration issues, I did a clean install of Windows 10, FSX Steam, FSGlobal 2010 Steam, FTX Global & Vector, all the purchased regions and airports. I have not updated to latest Orbxlibs and everything is working like a charm. Well, almost everything -- KTVL installed without errors, but there are no buildings at the airport. I guess updating libraries will fix that, but I will wait it out until next version of libraries with migration issues fixed is released. Hope this helps. Cheers, Ani
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