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  1. I can fix it I was just replying as Bert couldn’t see a problem with it I just can’t believe ORBX haven’t officially fixed it
  2. Exactly that @flying_fish I can’t believe that thread has been going for over a year with no fix.
  3. @Bert Groner I have had a look in the AFCAD and I see the Mag. course of the LOC in the bgl as 252° not 255° as you say above. I think that is what the error is. If you get an airliner and fly down the approach you will see the NavData wpts are off to the left but you are on the LOC and therefore to the right.
  4. Thanks Nick, I tried various things via ORBX central and it finally sorted itself out. I think the library ordering via ORBX central can get a little temperamental. But all sorted for now at least. Thanks anyway Nick.
  5. Hi, I've had TEGB instaled for a while but today was one of the first times I'd seen the South coast in recent times, as there was actually a break in the cloud (you probably don't believe but there was a gap I promise ). However, I came across some very odd looking land. It's like some sort of town is showing on the channel that fades to a sandy colour before a cut in the texture, where it goes back to water, as it should be. Now, I didn't realise the tide went out that much and definitely didn't know that there is a hidden underwater city there to be revealed. I had a search about but couldn't find any threads I checked countless threads called "TE GBS Issues" or something vague like that with no luck. So, I do apologise if I have missed them. Thanks https://imgur.com/htdA6s9 https://imgur.com/TTQUumg https://imgur.com/dRT2HSX
  6. Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the response. I understand that it says compatability is limited and I did not expect it to be. But out of curiosity I was wodering if I could get rid of the snow as that stands out massively. Thankfully it is Feb now so I believe the Hard winter textures will not show anymore.
  7. Hi all, I was just wondering if there would be a way to force the Southampton textures to stay snow off. I can deal with the slight colour difference between SOU in autumn and TE GBS but when Southampton has snow it stands out from TE massively. Has anyone managed this? Thanks
  8. Looks like the issues are back again? https://imgur.com/d2To4RL
  9. Okay I will try that. Thanks, Nick. However, this shouldn't have to be the case as Central should work.
  10. I've just realised that because I'm using FTX central I can't install the newer sceneries such as Edinburgh? It's a little disappointing because despite having many issues with ORBX Central (issues for which I have had minimal support from ORBX) reverting to FTX central which works now means I can't install some sceneries? I'm worried if I upgrade to central again I will be back at square one. And, after it requiring many hours of reinstalling and deleting things including the sim itself I really don't want to face that again. Thanks
  11. I have never experimented putting ORBX outside of the root folder. Still had these issues.
  12. Fingers crossed. I'm just downloading base again in the old FTX central. Glad you managed to sort it! Hopefully mine will fix itself now
  13. I'm going to see if I can download the old FTX central and see if that fixes it. Clearly obvious here departing Vienna. I have no ideas remaining apart from reinstalling the sim. No clue what's happening. I've also tried restoring default shaders with no joy.
  14. They're installed and up to date - I have re-verified them. I've synced the sim All the scenery library options are as you suggested and I have cnfirmed that in sim the order matches and looks correct. Thanks for the suggestions @Doug Sawatzky however I'm still having the issues see here an image from the southern coastline to the Bristol channel near EXMOR on the EXMO1X out of Bristol. It's as if default is somehow managing to find a way to bleed through? Thanks
  15. Any suggestions? I’ve tried uninstalling all ORBX deleting the folder in sim root and then reinstalling everything with no luck either. thanks
  16. Further update: I have tried to reinstall the libraries and open LC again with no luck. Cruising near the Serbian/Bulgarian border nearest airport on the PFD is LYNI
  17. Here's another example. The airport in the screenshot is LEBA if that helps. but as I have said it is not localised.
  18. Specifically that was North of Madrid however this is pretty much everywhere
  19. Hi I have recently reinstalled P3D and upon reinstalling the ORBX base and Open LC EU I have noticed these odd textures. Firstly at nightas they're more obvious but at day they are also visible. It's as if the default is bleeding through. I have tried regenerating the terrain.cfg, reinstallling, verifying the files and resyncing the simulator with no joy. Please see the screenshots: Sorry if this as been answered before, I had a look around but, just as I have vaguely named it others will have too. It is hard to name what the issue consequently, hard for me to search for it. Thanks https://imgur.com/qkx6MEc https://imgur.com/VaS8DKc
  20. In all honesty I'm a little disappointed to hear this also. I would always expect a scenery to be accurate on the day of release, if then the airport irl was to have works completed I would accept that mine was an old version and wouldn't expect a free update to the scenery but of course, it would be welcomed, as many devs do. I'm a little doubtful also about how much it has helped you, as frequently building works change during their course. So, we currently have a replica of a proposed future version of LIEO. Surely, if thy change their plans now you will have more customers complaining than if the customer had LIEO as it is today, even in a couple months we saw the completion of some works which meant ours is no longer entirely accurate. Because, if they change their proposed works then we neither have one nor the other. The fact the works have stopped in my eyes suggests that it's not going to go to the original plan. Thanks
  21. Hi, Just flew my first approach on the ILS to RWY05. All in all I think it's a great scenery for the price I paid compared to many over devs! Just the one thing to report, for the whole approach I had four whites on the PAPIs, I was bang on the glide in my aircraft. I know it's a 3.5deg glide maybe, they have 3 deg PAPIs? I may be completely wrong, I will have to fly another approach at some point to check. Sounds like a good enough excuse to do some more flying haha Kian
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