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  1. 4 hours ago, jabjoker said:

    Hi Nick

    Thank you


    I did some more tests - it now appears that my Active Sky (Beta product for P3D5) is the culprit 

    Did a successful flight  from Edinburgh to East Midlands with Active Sky switched off.

    Will report it to HiFi Simulations



    thre is now a asp3d beta 2 , have you tried that?

  2. Hi guys 


    When do you guys plan to release GB North , london city airport etc for p3dv4 ... I get emails on new releases and in my excitement grab my card ready to download the new software to halt,cry and read it's for xplane 11 ... great news for my friends with xplane but just wondered when the p3d family can have some early xmas presents ....

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  3. After saying yesterday that I wouldn't install 4.5 hotfix, I thought sod it , let's give it a go. Fresh install later all looks well with locked frames at 30 and scenery looks good with no blurs or stutters. For now I have installed orbx basics ,  library , vectors etc and all Europe regions, rex EF and SF and the fps remains solid. I also have aerosoft Frankfurt, Hamburg and Gatwick installed only at this stage. I haven't installed true earth products as yet until I'm happy I have no ctd moments and P3d is running as should. This weekend I will install true earth UK and Netherlands and Barcelona and report back my findings.  But for now , it's fine and the load time is 22 seconds at 6% , lol 

  4. On 4/11/2019 at 10:06 PM, twright said:



    Just to say these settings did help and my FRs are now fairly reasonable as long as I use a moderate aircraft.

    However for me, having the 'Use high-resolution terrain textures' box disabled made my terrain really blurry and slow to load in. When I enable it the textures load much quicker and are sharper.

    Just wondered if anyone else has noticed this?



    I'm with you on this , I enabled use high resolution and no more blurries at all.... in p3d 4.4 yay

  5. I would say that this is a LM issue as I have rolled back to 4.4 and all is well , back to 35-80 fps with all city scenes etc installed as well as active sky and numerous airport add ons. If you look at LM forums you can start to see that this is something LM need to investigate . I'm sure the guys here at orbx are also investigating the 4.5 issues ..... I'm gonna wait until perhaps a patch comes out from LM before re-loading 4.5 

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