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  1. So, after viewing the above video, would or could Orbx replicate that kind of scenery?
  2. thre is now a asp3d beta 2 , have you tried that?
  3. onto further issues i suspect and by that time V5 will be more solid...perhaps
  4. wow, what did i start lol , thanks guys for the erm update
  5. Hi guys When do you guys plan to release GB North , london city airport etc for p3dv4 ... I get emails on new releases and in my excitement grab my card ready to download the new software to halt,cry and read it's for xplane 11 ... great news for my friends with xplane but just wondered when the p3d family can have some early xmas presents ....
  6. i use All the Gb software and as i fly only jets i turn off VFR additions with in the GB software. once done, all is good.
  7. Thanks nick , yes Atr 72 ... had a mate ask on fb and I couldnt lose face with the wrong answer lol
  8. Hi guys , could any one tell.me what aircraft this is please ? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi guys Thank you for the madness sale but the one I would.like to buy which is sardinia is not on sale ? Any plans to do a deal on this product please ?
  10. Scenery layers ? What do you mean , areas ? Sorry for my dumbness
  11. I'm with you on this , I enabled use high resolution and no more blurries at all.... in p3d 4.4 yay
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