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  1. Very nice - that XP is impressive
  2. Thanks, yes the night flying is cool, but difficult to represent as the shots tend to come out a little darker on this site. Thanks, yes nice little jet - good 2d panels.
  3. Thanks Adam Thanks Iain Thanks - its the Epic Victory, an American made jet. Less than 10 were produced. Nice add-on from LionHeart good 2d g1000 panels. Thanks Thanks Thanks John Thank you Thanks John Thanks Jack Thank you
  4. Enhanced with Cyberlink photo director. (For best view – click on picture to enlarge) Orbx – Global: Base, Vector, Open LC North America, HD Trees; FTX: NA Pacific Northwest, Siletz Bay S45 (P3D v4.1 / REX Skyforce)
  5. Yes like they do in the movies. Whatever I saw it was cool.
  6. it was way too fast - got my attention though one of those little extra things that make the sim more fun
  7. Thanks guys. I guess they exist in P3D as well
  8. Yes i think so - first time i have seen them - was really cool.
  9. Ahh - so you think that's why the Aliens were on their way north... Funny So you use to smoke it.....
  10. I was on a Night flight from Siletz Bay (S45) to Vancouver (CYVR). Flying with real time REX Skyforce weather. I was at 15,000 feet over northwestern Washington at about 23:50 local time when I saw two bright white lights streak by. They we above me heading northwest moving really fast – gone in a second. UFO, meteor? Very cool whatever it was. Has anyone else ever seen something like that?
  11. (For best view – click on pictures to enlarge them and use next arrows to scroll through) Orbx – Global: Base, Vector, HD Trees, Open LC North America, AI Traffic North America; NA Northern California, KFOT Rohnerville, KRDD Redding Muni (P3D v4.1 / REX Skyforce)
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