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  1. Thanks Guys -setting up my new thrustmaster tpr rudder pedals on my new wheel stand pro. awesome combination.
  2. Lots of nice ORBX freeware for sea planes, very cool. (For best view – click on pictures to enlarge them and use next arrows to scroll through) P3D v4.5 Aircraft: ICON A5 by Andreas Koerner REX – Sky Force Orbx – Global: Base, Vector, Open LC North America, HD Trees; FTX: NA Pacific Northwest, Campbell River Water Aerodrome – CAE3
  3. Nice shots. Bummer on the rudder pedals. I just ordered a set of the Thrustmaster TPR's and anxiously await their arrival.
  4. thanks - I have a lot of fun with that
  5. Thanks Adam Thanks Iain Thank you Thanks - i do enjoy this plane, the ones with the G1000 setup have nice 2d panels that work well with my sim setup. Thanks Don - yes its a cool airplane for sure. Thanks Jack - perfect plane for loops
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