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  1. Does anyone also get a serial number request on the latest REX weatherforce update today? I did not get a serial number when I purchased it off the Orbx store....? Thanks
  2. Okay disregard this topic and mark as solved. Had to untick the Cast shadow box for "Terrain" and no more flickering now. Thank you. Cheers
  3. I cant seem to find the edit button so I will post a reply again sorry. Uninstalled SAK region throug hFTX Central and redownloaded completely and seems to fix it for now the issue. Another location I have the issue still is in O86 (Latitude: N40°59.01' / Longitude: W122°41.74'), I believe it is not an ORBX region just FYX Global Base, I will reinstall it as well and see if it fixes the issue. Thanks
  4. a short update and correction to the above. I have tested several locations in the NA Regions and the flickering appears now only in the SAK region around PAJN to the south for now. So far I could only locate the flickering in this particular area but I have not flown to every corner obviously just checked out roughly ten airport in the mountains and at PAJN i got the flickering to the south of the airport only. I am guessing best will be to uninstall the SAK region entirely from the FTX Central application and then to redownload and install the entire SAK region via FTX Central as well? Please advice Thank you
  5. Here the scenery and terrain cfg files CProgramDataLockheed MartinPrepar3D v4.rar I made a quick video here to show the flickers/ flashes in the distance, where the mountain tops are: https://youtu.be/yUILsxB7W3A
  6. Hello I have just updated today the 5 NA region patches. At the moment I am encountering very short and black flashes in the scenery in the ditance only, and only on mountains and while paning the camera and zomming in and out of the distance. Until today I had not encounterd this. I have done and forced a re-migration and run the migration tool in the troubleshooter folder which seems to check out fine, however the OpenLC NA is not listed in there at all. It appears only in the FTX Regions. I have changed graphic settings from low to high and vice versa, I also unchecked other sceneries to see if that causes any issues. However if I increase the tessellation it seems less frequent. I also cheked if Active Sky beta for P3Dv4 causes this but to no avail. Thank you
  7. Hi Richard Okay thanks, well it is a deal breaker for me because it isn't just one issue, Its like this all over Switzerland, Germany and Holland. But we'll leave it then like it is. Another one I found to note of: N47° 19.61' E8° 33.63' Lets hope for a patch soon cheers
  8. Hi Richard, any updates on this? I have come across many lakes and rivers in Europe with this issue by now, and I dont think this should be like it is as intended. Is there simply an issue with my install or is this problem to be know as a general problem already? Do I need to provide any files etc. to rectify those issues? What are the next steps? Do I have to uninstall and reinstall any of the ORBX products; global, vector, openlc or FS Global Ultimate? Any issue with my library config? I don't see a valid reason of installing all FTX global products with supposed compatibility and having this as a result, if you know what I mean. Do let me know, thanks
  9. Hi Richard last night I moved forward and installed REX4 TD as well. I have more locations with coordinates and provide them later. Seems so many though and as I recall from previous installations with UTX, I have never seen it like this before. This time is the first time I am using FTX exclusively. Again, will post the images with coordinates. It seems the tiles look odd mostly, with the top-down view though rand it only affects lakes and rivers. Thanks
  10. Ok no worries, let me know when you have time thanks Richard cheers
  11. ok sorry. hope this helps. first picture from the top, second from the F11 view. is this how it suppose to look like? thanks
  12. Thanks Richard Appreciated. From Pilot's Shop, I only installed the FS Global Ultimate Europe & Africa DVD, just fyi I layered the mesh as per the FTX Guide as well. cheers
  13. Hello ORBX support team After a complete reinstall of my PC with win 7 pro, I have installed FTX Global, Vector and OpenLC. It appears that some rivers are missing the textures? It seems mostly prominent at the German border. Again some rivers and streams have water textures and some dont. - done so far: installed latest library, used the tools in the troubleshoot section in FTX Central v2, checked that library order is correct as per your guide. Appreciated, thank you
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