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  1. True, I did not recall it and did not notice it up there... little change as there is no a clean KO as from the past couple of surveys... people use a bit of everything, especially now between a more realistic flight model to a more arcade one, based on what they want to do which just make sense, well except people who tribalize even behind videogames... :D
  2. We need to ask @Stefan Schroen, he put all the story telling here keeping it isn't bad as reminder (hey in case anyone forgets :p) of this whole sad situation we are living, hopefully for not too long... I too don't know what the two officers were arguing about, to be honest...
  3. It is a bit like AMD vs INTEL - being 5% faster than the other isn't exactly ground breaking it is then down to other factors, also one would need to know how they weighted in people who fly both as, if I recall, it did not ask "how often" of each sim. Well without being boring as my main job involved a lot of data analysis Nice setup @pmb wish I had the space for it!
  4. Nice shots and nice approach on 33, you were spot on with height there!
  5. Please upload, as an attachment, your log file which you can find in the Xplane folder.
  6. Did you sort it out? I have not updated Clench...yet so files are the same as before, I use the same version you can install and works fine... try to update your Orbx Libraries as something may be wrong there, else let me know.
  7. Hi Joe, do you have the Orbx Library correctly installed? Can you do a verify files please? Thanks!
  8. Could easily be something related on how Vulkan is working on Texture, IMHO... however not only it is a beta but a very early stage of a big beta process, it is like trying to find a particular grain of sand on a beach... @John90 I like decals too however thinking of performance... From Ben Supnik @ Lamninar.
  9. Blurry texture is a problem with Xplane Beta on some Graphic Cards for the way it handles textures, 11.50 Beta is still very unstable as it is a big change and above all it changes the core engine. I got any sort of error with the first beta, now with beta 3 is better but still a long way to go for Laminar to fix some issues.
  10. Also refer to this post the reason is that XP Betas always break something that is up to Laminar to fix, I encourage you to always ALWAYS always and again alwasy make a copy of your Xplane Folder and rename it Xplane 11 BETA and then update that copy in order to preserve your original installation.
  11. Ciao Stefano, vedo che stai usando la beta... Try to go in your Central and "Verify Files" under you Global > Libraries to tick this one out of the list. However I have seen other people on Facebook reporting the same issue with the Beta, it is in its early stage and with plenty of bugs as expected.
  12. Shame for the trees, are a eye sore! Hopefully we can use more realistic model soon :)
  13. I am not that good at screenshots however being last virtual flight of 2019 here are some! Happy 2020!
  14. Foreflight for Europe and particular the UK is totally useless :) even for VFR has it gives options that in UK aren't used and are actually dangerous if applied here. Unlicensed airfield here do not have an ICAO hence EG20 is fictional and it has to be EG20 as Xplane uses EG20 this is to avoid any priority error within the sim :) Langar does not have an identifier either, it is an ex RAF :) have fun!
  15. thank you! Glad you all enjoy it! Quite challenging place
  16. It is pointless in a sim without propped seasons really.
  17. Thank you guys! I am very pleased NO ONE mention the three on final on 33... literally every person flying there or in there focus on the tree, you focus on the phone line which you cannot be at the same height unless you dive or go through the tree (which in real life isn't suggested as crash detection is always on ). Obstacles are, as much as possible, with the precise height this is to ensure that the challenge of this airfield is well replicated, it is one of the most challenging in England really, even more so when there is no wind as your ground speed burn the 400mt runways faster than you want to also ORBX threes around the area are impressively all the correct height and those are there from TE, no need of MSFS2020 for it... The satellite picture up here is not up to date either, as the farm area is as the scenery, there are minor changes however the scenery is accurate at beginning 2019 (the main difference is that the toilette isn't there anymore there is one inside the office, it will be updated don't worry Just FYI circuits are at 500ft QFE and overhead join at 1500ft they are all right hand except 15 which is left hand, in case of 15 and 07 also you CANNOT overfly the farm so in real life you have a very very short final available. With no wind you want to be at 55 kts over the threshold maximum with wind 60kts is fine... you really land on the edge of the envelop there, that's why if you learn there you can fly anywhere! Below a video of mine of tree on final and phone lines, this is a bit old so the maintenance hangar wasn't there, nor the containers and the farm was still being cleaned and worked on! Aicraft is an Eurofox which is what I am currently flying still. Have fun guys!
  18. Did you manage to land that aircraft there without ending up in the threes? Not sure what's the stalling speed...
  19. He is probably using Xvision that's why
  20. That shouldn't be the case, can you attach there your log.txt that you find in the Xplane installation folder please?
  21. I use HD Mesh for the whole Europe and USA and for the alps UHD Mesh 4 and I lost the count of the default airports that is has ruined, some unusable and canto really be fixed with Wed either... the problems is with Xplane as it does not allow for local mesh change modification and realistically it is impossible to cater for an X amount of products, that is a huge problem laminar has ignore for too long and still do unfortunately.
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