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  1. Hi, I think your product is not working correctly, this is why you have a lot of issues. Try to full uninstall and re install the scenery. Also if you want, post a screens of your scenery so i can see which is your problems. Cheers.
  2. Which addons are you using?and do you have edited p3d.cfg file?
  3. Hi, Could you try to play with p3d radius setting? maybe by lowering a little bit the value. I do not think is a problem of the scenery ( because the scenery has nothing to load once you are using it ) but maybe could be some object ( non part of the scenery ) which take some time to load. Anyway i will try to find if i can understand better the cause and a method to solve it, it is not easy because i do not have the pause at my end. Cheers
  4. Hi I am afraid that improve dynamic lights performance is not possible by tweaking the effect files. I have already optimize much as possible, the bad performance of DL in p3d is a known issue and in the heavy zone is normal if you are not running a very high end PC. Tone down the DL will not make any differences in terms of FPS also the colours/brightness of DL depends a lot if you are using shaders add-ons. I think the unique way is to play with the setting of P3D to find the best balance between performance/graphic. If you have, try the scenery without SCA could make some differences in terms of FPS. Cheers
  5. great! has been full modelled in the scenery+ many other hidden attraction cheers
  6. Nice Try to find the "Jaws" attraction at Universal Studios
  7. Hi, removing just 3d cars or other objects will not make any different in terms of performance and fps. It could be weird but it is better to have all merged in one file for having better performance. The scenery itself is very light, the problem is the area which could be heavy in some systems (especially with SCA). For example, if you are using SCA you can try to disable it when tou are using bubank ( it will not make any differences in burbank scenery and you will have more performances ) Cheers
  8. I am sorry but i do not know how to help you. I have never saw something like that. Maybe somebody else have some suggestions. Anyway could you please take a screen of your kbur/scenery folder i can check if your files are correct. Last thing, do you have installed the scenery inside p3d or in external folder? Thanks
  9. mmmm that is very weird, it looks like some artifacts. Sincerely i do not know how to solve it i have never seen something like that. What i suggest it is to try to full uninstall the scenery ( make sure to do not have any residual Orbx kbur files installed ) and try to make a full new clean installation. Also if you may attach a screen of your Orbx Kbur/scenery folder i can take a look if you have some issues. Cheers
  10. Nice, sorry i do not know what was the problem of your elevation issue. I am happy you have sorted it out Thanks! Cheers,
  11. Hi, First, Sorry are you sure to have simulator mesh to 5mt? it is very important Once checked, try to copy and paste these files inside Burbank/scenery. Also make SURE to do not have any other kvny installed above kbur scenery in the scenery library order. Should work after these checks. If not i do not have more ideas Cheers Thanks CVX_SanFernandoValley_Exclude.BGL CVX_Kvny_Height.BGL KVNY_ADEP4_ADE.bgl
  12. Hi, Try to run " verify files" in the control panel. After make sure to have mesh set to 5mt. Cheers
  13. Hi The static alaska goes away with the " no static aircraft version " so it was an AI aircraft parked at the same position of the Orbx static alaska aircraft. cheers
  14. Yes looks like your DL are not working. Very weird. The DL_xml file controls the placement of DL. Could you check if you have effect files folder inside your kbur scenery? And maybe if the windsocks are working? Because they are controlled with the same way of DL. Last thing, just to be sure, triple check if you have DL enabled in P3D setting. Cheers
  15. That is weird, if bur scenery is above sca scenery, sim mesh set to 5mt and you have all the files inside bur scenery you should not have any problems
  16. Hi make sure to have simulator mesh set 5mt, this could solve the floating issue. I think the night issue is not something related to burbank scenery. Cheers
  17. Hi, Try to run "verify files" in the burbank control panel. Also could you post a picture? Sometimes DL could be not very visible but are working for example if the ground is illuminated are working.
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