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  1. Wow I can reply here! Somebody let me in. I'm only 67 ( in April ) can I play too ? I also have cat masters. They're 12, my golden lab is 8. LOL Sue
  2. One engine will always, have enough power to get you to the crash site ! Love it. Cowl flaps indeed... ROFL Sue
  3. You don't have to ask, simply order it. ( you'll need the original order number ) I got mine on the flash drive. After I order that; of course, the download worked. LOL Sue
  4. That woked for me too. Thanks Neil ! Sue
  5. ROFL Resistance is Futile ! Been there, done that. LOL Sue
  6. FTX Central crashes because you haven't installed the libraries. Here- https://fullterrain.com/support#orbxlibs. It's a necessary step to finish your installation.
  7. Standard questions. 1- Did you install the latest library files ? 2- Did you after installing the library files, open FTX Central, and let it activate the scenery ?
  8. The newly released Douglas C-47 version 3.12 Beta works very well in P3D 3.5. The HD virtual cockpit is stunning, the sound is amazing, and the engine detail is incredible! If you think I Iike it, you're right ! I even love the 37 page manual ! LOL Sue
  9. Thank you very much Matthew. I was starting to feel invisible. LOL Sue
  10. Use the registry tool at the bottom of the freewarepage. https://fullterrain.com/freeware
  11. Yes, just checked. Lines, but no taxiways, just like your picture. P3Dv3.3.5 , and the full OrbX enchilada... everything installed. Sue
  12. Are you using the installer from FSS ? The Vector listed on the support page is only an update...
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