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  1. If I try to run Orbx.Launcher from AppData/Local/Orbx/FTXCentral/v3.2.0.3 it shows me an error message "No Versions found"
  2. I also downloaded a new FTX Central from the website but as soon as it has downloaded and tries to open FTX Central it gives me the same message again.
  3. After installing the new update FTX Central (downloaded from the website) the following message pops up when trying to launch FTX Central. I have tried to delete the AppData/Temp/ORBX and AppData/ORBX but it doesn't work. Thanks a lot, Nick
  4. Hi Holger, Thanks! it solved the problem. I don't know whether it was the forced migration or reinstalling OpenLC NA and Vector. Cheers, Brok
  5. The scenery, together with Orbx Base, Vector and LC North America, I get a really weird problem in Hawaii, I couldn't figure out what is causing it so I am looking for support. I have attached a picture to help make my point. Thanks, Brok
  6. Hahaha, no worries. I've been pretty busy too over the last weeks.
  7. I did adjust all the scenery library the way the guide told me to, but no improvement. Thanks
  8. @Adam Shinobi Oh man, I would want to do the exact same thing...Let's keep our fingers crossed...
  9. just above all the bases, so pretty far down.
  10. Here the coordinates. I do have REX texture direct installed, could that cause problems?
  11. Oh sorry, forgot that. I have run AEC and ticked all boxes. Will add coordinates in a moment
  12. You can see it pretty good in this one, the golf course is split up.
  13. @Richard Lincoln Thanks, I added the FSX-SE to the FSX path in the registry tool and it magically worked. Thank you... One further question, I flew around over Hawaii and saw that the golf courses were standard looking in the way of being cut off like in the default. I don't know if it was caused by the config tool not working or not but shouldn't they be accurately placed with Vector?
  14. I installed FTX Vector and tried to launch the config tool, but as soon as I do that it tells me I dont have a simulato insatlled. I already tried the registry fix tool and put in the simulator path again but it didn't work. I am using FSX-SE. Would appreciate your help, thanks
  15. Thanks, I found the solution. Where do I mark this topic as inactive?
  16. I wanted to install FTX Global Base, Vector and Open LC Na but after I installed all of them, I found that there where no new entries in the scenery library. What scenery entries are required and where can I find them? Thanks a lot
  17. @Sniper31Wow, thank you for your service. Hawaii and Colorado surely are great places to retire.
  18. Thanks for all the replies. I do hope ORBX does Hawaii similar to the way they did California. Does anyone have insights on that? @Vora. Do you remember where you read this? Thanks.
  19. @Sniper31that sounds awesome. I hope they do upgrade Hawaii even more. @dominiquethanks a lot. That definitely clarified a lot. Do FPS get influenced a lot by Vector?
  20. I am a big fan of Hawaii (I love it) and it is the biggest reason why I am thinking of buying Open LC Na. Could someone upload some more Hawaii screenshots, please?! Btw. Is there a difference between having Open LC with Vector and not using Vector? Thanks a lot
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