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  1. Hello, a friend of mine, who had to give up "flying" after becoming a dad, recently sold me his entire FSX setup including his computer, flight yoke system, Steam Account with FSX Premium Edition and several FSX addons such as FTX Global Base, Global Vector, Global OpenLC Europe + NA Alaska/Canada and FS Global 2010 The first thing I did was of course format all hard and solid state drives in that computer and reinstall Windows (8.1 Pro) to have a completely fresh system I can play with. Having configured everything to my liking over the last couple of days, last weekend I finally found the time to install FSX and this is when the problems began Installing FSX Premium through Steam was of course trouble-free; however, after installing FTX Global Base, Global Vector and Global Europe + NA Alaska/Canada (in this order, following the instructions in the respective Quick Installation Guides), the FTX Central Control Panel still only contained FTX Global Base, with no sign of the OpenLC packages whatsoever. OpenLC entries did appear in the "Entry FTX Scenery Library Insertion Points"-section, though, which makes me think that its installation was indeed recognized by FTX Central. My question now is, of course, how can I make my OpenLC Europe and North America packages show up in the Control Panel? Thank you for your help!
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