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  1. Thanks for commenting. I also love the SBD. And see you around Mr boxcar.
  2. Great shots, I enjoyed looking at them.
  3. Nice shots, The colors of NZSI are amazing.
  4. Thanks for the comments and I am glad to be here.
  5. Super shots, I like the 2nd one the best.
  6. Thanks a lot Holger. I guess I will go with it and later when I get a new hard drive just reinstall everything. Thanks, John B
  7. I am planning to purchase Pacific Fjords but the hard drive I have FSX installed on is getting full and I would like to know if it can be installed on another hard drive and still connect to FSX. I would also like know if I can move my other FTX products to the other hard drive in order to free up space. Thanks,
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