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  1. Ha, you bet! I had the same thing. I have crash turned off but I still ended up upside down on the bridge
  2. Thanks Holger!! Yes, you are correct. When I took these shots, I hadn't installed the update yet. But that is taken care of. Some great changes!
  3. Thanks Brad! Thank you Adam! Thank you! Thanks! It's a great plane! I have it in P3dv4 also. It's definitely one of my favorites!
  4. These shots were after the most recent updates. Sim is M20R is 1.2.1
  5. Having some fun in the Mooney on the River Thames!! Enjoy Plenty of room!!! Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed!
  6. Thanks Brad! Thank you Adam! Thanks Iain! Thank you! Thanks! Thank you JJJ! Yes, I agree. There is soooo much to see around the world! Thanks mikee!
  7. I haven't posted in a while mostly because I have been exploring the beautiful world of MSFS and I don't have much Orbx there yet. I LOVE MSFS! In fact, I now do all my GA flying there. The only time I fly P3dv4 anymore is to fly into or out of favorite addon airports (ex. Orbx) or to fly addon airliners. Perfect? No. Lots of room to grow? Yes! Plus it has given new life to my system. Enjoy the virtual skies!
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